Tuesday, January 27, 2009

King of the Useful Idiots

Or in this asshat's case, useless idiots. Jimmy Carter, is without a doubt, the WORST PRESIDENT in my lifetime...probably anybody's lifetime. The peanut brained cracker put the misery index through the roof during his miserable 4 years as Prez. 12% unemployment and 21% bank loan interest. You think 2009 is bad? Just remember(if you are old enough) back 30 years when this SOB was sitting in the White House.

The brilliant Carter years brought us:

Free Passes for the cowards known as Draft Dodgers of the Vietnam War....Jummy gave these gutless bastards a free pass, thus spitting on the graves of 58,000 Killed in Action, not to mention those of us who came back alive, although many hundreds of thousands came back with physical and mental injuries.

The Ayatollah Assahola in Iran...Peanut Brains stood by when the Shaul was ousted in Iran. Soon after 400+ hostages were taken at the American Embassy and held until Carter's miserable excuse for a Presidency was over...freed when one Ronald Reagan became President, thus ending our national nightmare called Jimmy Carter.

The boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics...brilliant move Jummy.

Double Digit inflation and double digit unemployment...the worst economy since the Great Depression, and nothing, not even the Great Recession of 08-09 comes close.

So the American voter ends Carter's miserable administration despite the best efforts of CBS, NBC, ABC, and the New York Times/Washington Post cabal. Ronald Reagan brings America back from the brink.

And now that he has been out of office almost 3 decades, Jimmy is back...back supporting Islamic trash rather than our allies in Israel. Getting a laughable Nobel Peace Prize...For What? His Peace Prize is as big a joke as Al Gore and his phony Global Warming/Chicken Little thesis. Carter is back, building Houses for Humanity(probably the only decent thing this useless bastard has done in his miserable life), writing plagiarised books bashing Israel and other former Presidents, who by all accounts(even Clinton and Bush 2) were more successful and better, than his sorry ass.

I was actually channel surfing when I got home last night, so who do I see? I see the miserable 39th President on the Jon Stewart show on Comedy Central...the only thing I could think of was..."Which of these 2 is the most useless?"
Jimmy Carter=Islamic Terrorists Best Friend...I'm not sure even Obama can top that.
I also should say despite my dislike for Carter and his ilk, like Bill Clinton, this has nothing to do with the folks in the south, who are some of my favorite people....it would be nice if they could send a true southerner(i.e. Conservative) to the White House.

OK, OK, that is my rant for today....Just seeing that miserable excuse for a human being proped up by the MSM for the past 30 years is enough to set my blood a boiling...and I have to vent!

In other news...my cold is starting to subside. I did a Jr High Girls double header at Greenville last night and survived, got a couple of games of Dartball in after. Tonight I head back north to Antwerp...for a boys double header Jr High. I could be driving through several inches of snow on the way home....at this time we are expected to get 3-5 inches. Dayton and south are scheduled for 6-9 inches, the schools(including Hal at Fairborn) are already closed in anticipation. The good news is, this stuff will end by Thursday and the weather for our Vietnam Mini-Reunion on Saturday at Wright-Patterson looks good...cold yes, but clear. So things are on schedule for that.
Any anger you read in my posts is strictly an illusion...
back later...........


Cookie..... said...

Every time I read anything at all about that misreable excuse for a human being Jimmy Carter, I have to go and double up on my blood pressure meds (excuse me, I got take some meds).

My understanding is that Bush 2 told the incoming Obama administration to keep an eye on Carter as he can be a real pain in the ass with his various trips to countries that support and condone terrorism, usually throwing a monkey wrench into some situation or another.

Now, what really frosts this old "bubblehead's"(Sub Sailor) balls is that Carter was an officer on Nuclear Subs when I was in, and they've even named a boat (sub) after him. What a fucking black eye that is for the Submarine Service, at least IMHO!!

Ahhh, the meds are kicking in and the BP is comin down.

Pat Houseworth said...

I can say I despise the "man" Cookie and would not waste my piss on him if he was on fire and yelling for help.

I know, not a very Christian attitude, but that is how little use I have for him.

Shrinky said...

He got the Nobel Peace Prize? Dear God, are you serious? Now I know the world is truly mad. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Carter is NOT from Georgia. No, that is a foul calumny, spread to defame the state. In fact, Carter is the result of experimentation carried out by Italian scientists on African rhesus monkeys, and is IN NO WAY associated with Georgia.


Jerry said...

I was telling someone the other day about the blizzard of 1978. It was my senior year of high school. We had 21 snow days (the 1st one on Jan 26) and we didn't have to make them up. I couldn't remember why for the longest time. Then it hit me. This was during the coal strike. We had half the lights shut off and were served cold lunches to conserve energy. Extra days at school? Not in 1978.

That's how I remember the Carter years. A blizzard and a shortened edu-ma-cation.

Pat Houseworth said...

Jerry, first and only time I ever got my Jeep Cherokee stuck...I hit a drift driving with the 2 Airedales along....and all 4 wheels were off the ground. I jogged a mile or so to a farm house, the guy got his tractor out, and I rode on the back(snow with wind was like needles in my face)...we hooked it up, and yanked that Jeep off the drift...that farmer probably saved my life. I was out in the middle of nowhere.

Deborah Wilson said...


Carter is one that we have to eat.

One time a little old lady at the hospital told me that Jimmy Carter was a *saint* for building all of those homes - and nodded her head as if confirming this notion to herself...

Well....what could I say?

I just tell everyone that Carter is getting up in age and such...that he sometimes gets confused...

Deborah Wilson said...

p.s.) Don't politicans ever RETIRE?

Trish said...

I can think of no reason to keep that man alive, and have to wonder aloud why on earth he thinks he matters anymore? Why doesn't he stay in Plains, and leave the real world out of his imagined one! My goodness, he can't be allowed to travel to foriegn countries and continue to spout his babble!