Sunday, January 4, 2009

The End of the "Holidays"

Here it is Sunday, January 4, 2009, and the long Christmas Vacation period is finished. Most folks, including my wife, will go back to work(if they still have jobs) or school. Same goes here, except for me. Patricia back to St Henry, Anissa back to her regular workshop schedule, Sam begins the winter quarter at Ohio State, and Hal's high school down at Fairborn goes back, and then Tuesday his grad school classes resume at Wright State. As for me? Back to "normal", whatever the Hell that may be. Basketball game, a Jr High boys game, at Marion Local tomorrow afternoon....Dartball ends it's month hiatus officially tomorrow, but we have pushed our games at Bethany United back till Tuesday night due to the Ohio State-Texas Fiesta Bowl game...this is the third straight year OSU has played on Monday after New Year's Day...will they continue the tradition of getting their asses kicked again this year? Probably!

Seems my cold, now a month old, has resurfaced in a smaller way, at least smaller for now...that sucks, just in time for basketball to resume...this has been one health issue so far for the winter. I'm sure that "Global Warming", the leftist agenda myth, is the culprit. One day 50, the next 15, then 60...windy and wet for the month of December, and January is beginning the same way...I awoke this morning, about 4, to the sound of ice pellets hitting the bedroom windows upstairs.

Yesterday, I met up with Rick and his sons, Clay and Guy, at the first Fort Wayne Gun Show of 2009....Pretty much looked like the same dealers and wares that were there in late November...I was surprised to see the crowds were not all that big, especially for opening day...Rick picked up some ammo...I did some looking, but the prices were not a bargain, folks did not seem to be in a panic, despite Obama only being 17 days away from getting his Marxist hands on the White House. Some seem to think he'll "not be that bad" because the economy will stop him from implementing his Rose Colored Lenin Agenda....I say "Bullshit", that didn't stop FDR from turning the country towards Socialism....Barry Soetoro will give the trashing of the Republic his best shot.

OK, time for my first cup of coffee, and see if I can fight off this cold, round 2....

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Buck said...

I hope ya feel better soon, Pat.

Deborah Wilson said...

I'm kind of glad that it is the End of the Holidays...not that I don't/or didn't enjoy's just that many people didn't seem to be in the mood for Christmas this year. Many seemed depressed. In other words, the usual fun and magic of the season seemed to be missing this year.

I'm sure that the economy, job loss, foreclosures, rising cost of groceries/medicine have a lot to do with it. And the 'not knowing' about Marxist Obama and his new administration doesn't make it any easier.

In your post below you mentioned the people who want to wish him well...


I think most people tend to ignore the political scene and hope that even if a bad apple does get in the White House, that it will be all over in 4 years (8 if we are unlucky), everything will be ok. I have to wonder if these people really understand the meaning of socialism/marxism and the consequences of such...Or if they realize that once communism gets a good foot in, that it is hard to uproot it - sometimes for centuries.

Others, I think that they understand socialism, but they say nothing because they fear to do so. Some are afraid they will end up on a gov blacklist(s) or be called a racist or un-american by various organizations, MSM, and certain liberal individuals.

They have caved in to the politically correct crowd - which is destroying the US - each and every region - and is affecting American culture(s) in a bad way.

Many who have caved in do not grasp the concept that it is possible to be outspoken (not p.c.) without being nasty. Most people (or at least I like to believe so) have been raised/instilled with morals, decency, and respect toward other people. Even so, when Americans can no longer discuss issues that affect us personally or concerning our communities, states, even nationally, because we fear we might 'offend' someone and suffer publicly for it, we have a problem. When county sheriffs and border patrol can no longer defend federal/state law/us border for fear of retaliation/job loss/imprisonment, we have a problem.

Political Correctness is a cultural weapon used by socialists/marxists. The true face of P.C. is not to teach tolerance - but to silence and dumb down the people - makes the socialist/commie take over easier. Because they are right and all who oppose are wrong...

The Constitution affirms our rights to free speech - it does not guarantee one's right to not be offended.

As of now, we still have that right - although I would question for how much longer...

Many feel that the destruction of the Constitution of our founding fathers began 148 years ago. I believe this is true - and that our generation is now witnessing the final stages of that destruction.

It is no longer a fight between the federalists and anti-federalists - but now includes an ideology that is much more sinister.

2008 woke a lot of people up to at least a taste of reality - others, they will have to learn lessons as events happen - or a rock falls on their head.


Pat, Take care of that cold!