Thursday, November 10, 2016

Welcome to Hillary's Election Night{Mare}

Even though I was never a big Trump Supporter, voted in the Primary for Cruz, and still think he, and even Rubio, were much better choices...I enjoyed the Heck out of the way he drove and still drives the Left Crazy....I'm still wonder how any Straight, White, Christians could vote for "Killary"?...but then again,  I realize, NONE COULD!  Her "supporters' are those, for the most part, to stupid and uninformed to actually think for themselves.

Making it so much more sweet that the Murdering Witch of Benghazi will never again be in our collective faces....4 years from now...with her declining health issues, legal issues{unless The Kenyan Pardons her in full before leaving office} She won't be around to smell up the American Landscape.

And with that I give you my "Salute" to Killary and her supporters....with my Middle Finger Raised and a Smile on my Face:

Hillary's Election Night{Mare}

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Wins! Hey Libs..."Suck It Up"

Not a Trump Supporter am I, started out as a Ted Cruz voter in the Ohio Primary...but eventually realized it was The Donald or "Killary"....leaving me with ZERO options other than Trump that had a chance.  

Thankfully the Iron Maiden has been banished forever from the political's doubtful her health will allow her to survive until 2020 let alone win....Hopefully the entire Klinton Crime Family is out of our political lives, FOREVER!  

And take the Bush Clan with you on the way out....and the Kenyan Grifter and "Man~Chelle" as well....

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