Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28, 2007

Celina, Ohio
Fog High 85


Lake Festival Day 2

The rain missed the Celina area once again, grass is starting to green up, but we are still far short of what we hey, I'm not a wet weather fan, so I'll take it a little on the dry side....just a 30% chance of a storm today, looking good for the annual Festival Parade, which of course I won't be viewing....may head up to the car show later this morning.

Hal, the youngest son, is in a softball tourney up at the park starting this morning, after umpiring close to 80 games since March, I may or may not walk up that way.....not much else on the agenda until Monday, when I take brother Mike to the VA in Columbus for his broken leg checkup...will do that after finishing up at GTI in Greenville in the early AM.

Patricia has managed to come down with a sinus infection, she has had several over the past few years, for someone who used to never get sick, I'm sure she hates that.

39 Years Ago Today
____________________Not sure what I was doing on July 28, 1968, but I can tell you for sure it wasn't all that much fun. Was about 1/2 way through Basic Training at Amarillo Air Force Base, Texas. As I remember AAFB, hot, dry, days and cooler moon filled nights. Getting up at 4 or so each morning was a pain, especially after I had spent the previous 12 months or so, drinking almost every night, in my 18-19 year old party mood. As I look back at the workouts SSgt Joe Prokop(our TI)gave us...they don't seem all that tough, I'm sure they were nothing compared to the training the Grunts and Jar Heads were getting.

I survived Basic Training, was shipped to Lackland AFB, in San Antonio, in August, for Security Police School. I would meet Joe Prokop again in December 1969, when I arrived at Tan Son Nhut AB Saigon, RVN....seems Joe(who died in Wisconsin in 2005), was a AF Cop as well....he had taken 2 years off to become a pretty damn good Drill Instructor.


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