Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Wierd Sunset...

Finished working my Triple Header, a JV Football, and two lower level fall baseball games, about 6:30 yesterday...I headed home the half hour drive via the back roads from Spencerville.  The day had been hot and humid, although the final hours of the baseball the sun had slid behind the clouds and a bit of rain hit Celina, most of it however had dropped south.

Patricia and I sat on the front porch, something rare for me, usually preferring the back yard, her reading, me with a couple of cold domestic beers and a Indian Tabac Torpedo, hand rolled Cigar.  As the sun began to set I looked to the west and saw a collection of clouds with sun peaking through like I had never seen before....the sun bursting through some broken clouds, looked like a Cross on a stained glass window.  Patricia rushed to the Nitro where I had the
Nikon in the center the time she returned I snapped off a few shots of the sun and clouds, they still were in intriguing shapes, but not quite as pronounced as those I had originally seen...wish I could have snapped the cross and stained glass look....but you get an idea from the views I did capture.

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