Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Moab, Utah, Here We Come!

Less than 48 hours out from our long anticipated trip to the Desert Mountains of Eastern Utah and the Moab and Canyon Areas of the Western Front....this trip has been in the works since October, and it now appears that 30 or so of us, from Ohio, Indiana, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, California, Washington State, and other areas will converge on the Mormon State.

The weather is looking perfect for the trip and riding...70s for highs most days, 30s and 40s overnight...and very little rain in the forecast, let's hope it holds.

Nick and I headed over to Auburn, Indian, on Monday,  taking some of our gear and with temperatures near 70 and some sun, we rode about 40 miles on the dirt and gravel roads around Kurt's
place, to finally get some quality riding time in on the TWs....afterwards we headed the 15 miles over to Rick Pearson's place and stayed for about 90 minutes and downed a couple of beers with our old High School buddy.....

So the time is nearing....and we head out for our 8 days of riding.  Hopefully the computer WiFi will be working at the Moab KOA and we can shoot some photos back as we progress.....

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