Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Approaching 8 years and well.....it's about time

The End of the Blog?

Next Month it will be Eight years since I started this Blog....and I posted almost daily for the first 4+ years, but admit that over the past couple of years things in the blogging world have changes.....after looking back at my life I settled into a routine of boring banter, which frankly has become a chore, rather than fun...so, while I am going to keep this blog afloat, I will no longer post with any urgency....fact of the matter is, that stopped a couple of years ago.

So feel free to look back at the past  posts and photos from that July 2007 day until today....but other than an occasional rant or photo I deem important to nobody other than me, there will be little activity on this blog....however, with over 1500 posts since that summer back in 2007, there are plenty of things to look at, from growing up in Venice, Florida, to my days in Vietnam, to political rants and my sporting life and umpiring gigs to look at if your are bored on some rain filled or winter snowy day....

I want to thank the thousands that have visited and especially those that have left a message or two.....

As I said, I will keep the blog active in some way, but for now....the postings and photos will be few and far between...

Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you God's Speed in your personal journey.

Pat Houseworth {PRH{
Celina, Ohio, USA
June 2015


One other reason I am slowing this Blog Pony down is because of all the guys I "met' while first blogging are dying off....Sgt Charlie, Buck Pennington, etc, others like Bruno, who knows what happened to him, Lin, Jeff, and Paul, have basically stopped Blogging....it had been so long since I visited Buck Pennington's Blog...


I had not known that he passed away just before Christmas...that told me...PRH, it's time to go!

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