Sunday, January 14, 2018

Back to the Deep Freeze

Colder then normal, but a mixed bag of weather since Mid the Global Warming Hoax Masters do some slight of hand to sell their Snake Oil that Man Made Climate Change is's not!  I may be just a garden variety science major guy with no expertise in Climatology, but I know Bullshit when it is being passed as the real truth....The Media, Obama, and Hot Air Al Gore, along with a passel of so called scientists, being paid and funded via American Tax Payers, are Hell Bent on pushing the lies and false narrative....

Anyway back to the issue at hand in Western Ohio....Cold before Christmas, then a slight warm up with snow, solidifying a White Christmas....then more brutal cold through New Year's day....and then rain and a mini January Thaw...with plenty of non frozen precipt to wash the snow away, and bang...more snow, ice, and back to the Deep Freeze!

I got out early yesterday to take some Frozen Photos around Grand Lake, Sunrises to go with my Sunsets of same:

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