Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Bald Eagles of Grand Lake {Ohio}

The first nesting American Bald Eagles showed up at Grand Lake some 30 years ago, perhaps 35...after a few ups and downs, the Eagles are now fully entrenched around the 13.500+ acre shallow/alga infected lake....the problems of farm runoff and over population has not had an adverse effect on the Eagles.  On my morning photo shoots before and just after sunrise over the last few weeks have proven to me, that the once endangered American symbol is doing great, while the lake may not be doing that well.

Most mornings I can spot at least a dozen or so tagging each other in flight, or just hanging around the rocky outpoints/jetties of Windy Point Park, doing some talking and fishing.

In addition to the Eagles and Sunrise Shots, plenty of Blue and Gray Heron also abound and are waiting to be photographed.

Here are some of my Captured Shots over the past week:  The guy on top you can see has a decent sized bass in it's Talons heading for a breakfast on the lake...The younger Eagles{those without full white heads are in the majority around the Windy Point area....

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