Friday, December 21, 2018

Looking Back at 2018

Have not posted in over 2 months...not the slowest of years on this page, but the past few months have been....been busy getting kicked off Facebook on 3 of my 4 IDs, as well as being banned from Twitter {forever}, which brought a smile to my face, I just wonder what took them so long? ..I am trying to stay one shot ahead of the Mark Suckerberg Storm Troopers....aka:  The Worshipers of Perverts and Other Child Molesting Leftist, Radical Islam, the BLM Bowel Movement, Pro Abortion Ghouls,  fake NWO RINOs, all things Obama and his husband Michael....Tranny Types, Euro Trash, and most of the world's garbage, including Border Jumpers and Carpet Divers....Did I miss anybody?  Just saying...2018 has been one Hell of a year for the agents against freedom of speech...

On a personal level?  Other than getting older {70 if I make it till this next March}, and some Vietnam Related Health Issues, so the VA tells me...I have had a great year...Wife, Kids and Grandsons doing well...soon to be 95 year old mom, back in Florida for another winter with youngest sister seems to be doing as well as anybody who manages to reach that who can complain?

Sure the world is heading towards the "End Times", and fake Christians and their Co~Whore in the Atheist Media are oblivious to it all...the rest of us know the Book of Revelation is being played out in our lifetimes, and I hope to stick around for as long as possible and watch that grand show...if not, hopefully I will see you on the other {right} side of the meantime:

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Great and Happy New Year 2019!

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