Sunday, November 1, 2020

Election 2020...2 Days out from Disaster?


Unlike many of my fellow Conservative Travelers ... I am not confident in a Trump win come 48-72 hours from now ... Am I nervous?  Hardly, at 71 approaching 72, I won't let the election of a Demented Fool, Joe Biden, and his common Hooker VP, Kammy Harris, who sleep her way up to near the top in Mexifornia Political Circles, ruining what life I have remaining ... I'm not saying Sleepy Joe will win, frankly I under estimated Trump last time, and he pulled out a win over what I thought was the most evil bitch in politics, Killary/Hillary Klinton.  She doesn't hold a candle to Harris, a hard core Marxist, who if Biden wins, will be the President by March 1st ...  Let's be honest, Biden is a pathetic shell of a man, and crooked as a bag of guts.  Joe will be dead or locked in a DC Dementia Ward soon after election.

The Democrats might be evil, but they are hardly stupid ... to be sure their voters are {stupid} but the evil that exists at the top of the party is not.

So as Tuesday approaches I am guessing that it is a 60/40 chance that Biden/Harris will win ... and if they do, all Hell will come crashing down on America as we know it.  This country was not destined to be around come the End Times ... and it won't be, even if Donald Trump is re~elected, the dye has been cast.  American Greatness is a thing of the past ... the best and brightest are not producing enough offspring to turn the tide, and the best and brightest are not coming to American Soil, the lowest of the low, and their Freeloading, are America's sad future ... regardless.  

The only question is, "How Soon Does America Fall'  with Trump, we will last a bit longer, but with Harris via Sleepy Joe, it will come off the rails at warp speed...

Hold on to your hats. freedoms, and wallets, Patriots, it's gonna be a bumpy ride ...

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