Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Friday...and the First Day of Summer

Been a week since I lasted I approach 6 years of writing this blog, the posts, especially this Summer, will be fewer.  The week between posts is the longest span between posts since I began in July 2007...

Over the last few days, I have had a number of games in, contacted a mild case of Poison Ivy, and yesterday we had another chance to watch grandson Kasyn for a few hours while Lisa began work on her company's new operation in Wapak.  We ended out two weeks of sitting with their dogs, who for the most part, a couple of "accidents" not withstanding, were not bad to watch...however, after losing the Airedale Reagan, a year ago in April...our 40 years of having a dog or two, or more, has ended...and I doubt is we will get another, although you can never say never.

Last Weekend, we attended Rick and Toni Pearson's son Clay's wedding in Auburn, Indiana, and the following reception in Fort Wayne....saw folks that I have not seen in quite awhile....a good time to be sure.

The back yard flowers are blooming, the Sun Flower plants are growing, and the Amish finally came yesterday and fixed and painted a couple of spots on the upper floor, outside, that were damaged last June by the wind storm that roared through....

The Kitchen Floor, damaged by the water leak, while we were at Sam's Ohio State Graduation, remains the same....still a couple of options to putting that back to "normal"...and with Patricia's Retirement from St. Henry Schools, we will get around to that...meanwhile she is still looking at wanting to do with the rest of her life...she, like me when I retired from the Health Department, is not ready to sit around, and she has a few other options and has a couple of months to decide what she wants to fact she has all the time she needs.

Tonight a game at Spencerville tomorrow a 9 inning contest at LCC, then Sunday I will relax and probably mow mom's lawn....I've still got a garage to paint, shrubs to trim, and likewise to do the porch Ivy...but Hell, I've got all Summer to finish it up.

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Photos-The Back Yard is alive....and from last Saturday, Rick, Clint Thompson, and me...away from the woods but still with a beer in our hands.

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