Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Falling" Out of Summer

I see it's been two weeks since I last posted....tick, tick, tick...I've been rather busy and rather bored with the Internet, at least certain parts, and have become more than detached from much of it.  Spending about an hour in total on facebook{about a half hour each morning}...otherwise the social media aspects are really getting to be part of the changing landscape...and my interests{thank God} are moving in other directions...for now I will continue to post when I feel like it...but after 6 years, much of the look back at my life has been covered, at least the parts that I want to remember and write about....other portions will remain where they my personal memory banks.

Summer?  We had a Summer?

This is probably the coolest Summer in total I can remember....we had a week or so of hot and humid weather back in early July, but before, and for the last month it has been well below normal.  The rains have been around, but we have been spared the usual drought of July and August, just enough rain to keep me mowing.  Looking at the next 10 days, the Midwest appears set for a dry spell, and cooler for the first half, and in the lower 80s for the last part. 

I am not complaining in the least about the weather.....hopefully it will stay below normal as football officiating gets underway.

Football Arrives....

Next week I have a day in Centerville to sit with Grandson Kasyn, then on Tuesday I head for Columbus to get my second check up at the VA Hospital...that afternoon my first scrimmage takes place at Crestview...after that the next two months will be full of football.   I have already decided that this and next season will likely be my last working least as much as I
do, I'll be 65 and enough is enough.  Basketball is on the same schedule...this coming season and next, then I will probably be done....Baseball, at least the Spring Season, I will continue with as long as I can see and move.   But for as long as I have left on this earth, it is time to move on from most officiating before I get too old to do other things....the years of working upwards of 200 contests in three sports every year, needs to be cut back.

Patricia Moves On...

The wife retired from full time teaching at the end of the school year....frankly she was not liking the way things were going in her school system and in Special Education, so before she got burnt out, she retired.  Of course much like when I left the Health Department, too young to sit around, so she has been tutoring this summer and now has picked up a teaching job locally, working with a group of Marshall Island Immigrants...she will work about half time, and financially and allowing herself some time for her and us, this should work out well....

Speaking of Patricia, her dad, Bill Senior turned 90 yesterday on August 13th and the family will celebrate this weekend in Wisconsin, Hal and Sam will join us and about 20 or so other family Happy Birthday Bill!
members for the celebration.  Bill was a great golfer in his time, and actually won a spot in the British Open back in 1980 at the age of 57...he won that spot by winning a Tournament near Chicago, and performed well in the Pro-Am Division in Scotland.  I golfed with Bill on a number of occasions...but his polished game never wore off on me....I suck at golf.!! 

Blogging Directions...

I am not sure how often I will be blogging over the next days, weeks, and months...but the direction will change...more personal photos, everyday activities and the continued less political stories and opinions.  I long ago came to the conclusion that in this divided world, I will not change my mind and certainly won't be changing the morons and Marxists on the left that follow that Kenyan Bastard in Charge at the White House...the old adage "You Can't Fix Stupid" is the mantra of the losers on the left....and those freeloading bastards don't want to change...Libs come in two stripes....the Stupid and the Evil, with a mixture of everything that is wrong with this once great republic mixed into both camps.  I won't bother trying to change them....this eroding Republic is falling down quickly down the crapper, and I for one, believe there is no turning back.  And frankly I have no interest in stopping the mess...every great nation fails, usually from within, and the United States, sadly, is quickly heading that way.

So that leaves, photos, old stories, and everyday activity....the years I posted at least 5 times per week is long gone, and won't return....once a week, twice? or maybe a couple of times a month....we will play it one post at a time.

back later>>>

Photos-Sunflowers, Sunrises, and Football, are on the agenda for the next couple of months....

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