Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wandering Through the Final Days...{Of Summer}

I spent yesterday sitting with Grandson Kasyn, this time at our house, last Monday it was in Centerville...another session for next Wednesday.  With Patricia now back at work, almost full time, I had the  21 month old by myself yesterday.  We entertained ourselves at home for awhile, then over to great-grandma Houseworth's for an hour...he, and of course she, seemed to enjoy that...then it was back home to the back yard wading pool, where he wore himself out and finally went to the crib for the next two hours....so by the time Grandma Patricia arrived she got to spoil him for a couple hours before his Mom arrived and we ate supper, that I had grilled out back, and they were on their way back south and home....a pretty enjoyable day, he seems way ahead in size and activity for a 21 month old...perhaps my bias, but I don't believe that for a minute.

Last night I finished off the day by watching the Reds do what they do best when playing the St. Louis Cardinals...blow a lead and lose for the ninth time in 13 games to the Cards...they now trail
Redbirds by 3 1/2 games and Pittsburgh by 3 full games...still in command of the final "Wild Card" spot, but with 6 games against St. Louis out of the next 9 that may be slim by the  time the middle of next week arrives.  I hate actually having to care about underachieving millionaires playing a kids game...albeit a game I love dearly, always have always will...baseball, far and away is my favorite sport, to watch, play, and officiate....speaking of which, the first of the Saturday double header "Fall Ball" games at Spencerville went off without a hitch.  Unlike football and basketball, I usually don't work lower level{middle school} baseball...but I get along with the folks at Spencerville and get my share of Varsity Baseball and Basketball games from the AD there, who also happens to coach the Spring Varsity team and this unaffiliated Autumn team...plus the $100 cash for 3 or 4 hours work helps me with beer and gas for the fall...so who is complaining?

This morning, after the lights came back on....the city lost power in a small section of town, and it happened to be ours, for about an hour...so that woke Patricia up, and I crawled out of bed about 6:15, far too early, but I had to take the old long haired cat to the Pet Center on the other side of town
anyway...$40 to trim the old gal....almost makes one want to invest in a trimmer, but I've been that route before with the Airedales...and it just never works out.

So with that out of the way I was timed to get my annual Blood Work done....but remembered I usually have to fast before and...and I had already drank coffee with cream, so I shit-canned that thought, and will fast tonight through early tomorrow and head to the clinic.   I need to get that done before September 1st, before the current insurance changes ...after this week I will be on the VA and then add Medi-Scare to that come next March...guess I'll have to be careful for 6 or 7 months...lol, yea that's gonna work.

This morning driving the cat to the pet center...reinforced my belief that drivers, especially women drivers{yep I said} are for the most part, morons!  I drove a block to the 4 way stop by the insurance group...I stop the SUV that was there goes and was her right...as I come to a stop, another female driver, obviously working at the insurance group, pulls through the four way, cell phone locked to her ear, and pulls through without so much as a glance my way,..idiot!  A few minutes later another SUV pulls out from the Red Light right in front of me....another idiot, I hate that right turn on red law...nothing more than an excuse for morons to turn in front of oncoming traffic!

So that has been my morning....another cup of Joe, a quick trip to Wally World, and then off to George's to get my hair cut....much cheaper than the damn cat....some weight lifting this afternoon...but no football and no outdoor walks, the temperature is slated to reach 91 and the humidity will match.  The year with very little Summer weather has decided to wait until fall was on the door step to turn steamy....

OK, enough BS...time to get some stuff done.

back later>>>>

Photos-The back yard flowers are making their final fall push....including the Mammoth Sunflowers which have reached as high as 14 feet tall and flowers as big as basketballs....and Kasyn and I kept busy for the few hours he was here....clowing around and watering the back yard.

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