Wednesday, December 18, 2013

37 Years...well actually 40 Years Ago...

December 18th in 1973...Patricia and I first met, and were married 3 years to the day later, 12/18/76....yesterday oldest son, Sam, turned 32....time flies indeed!  Nothing special planned, she is working, I have no game tonight, will get with Nick as we measure up the Kitchen floor, in hopes of fixing the mess that the water leak created 18 months ago...???  Yea, I know, what the Hell is with that?

Patricia and I will go out to eat, probably next week....this weekend, on Sunday, we will head to Cincinnati, and spend a couple days on a mini vacation, with Hal, Lisa, and grandson, Kasyn...Sam will be heading in from Chicago, and arrive Friday night...he then will head to Columbus to stay with old Ohio State day friends and his old roomate, we will all be back in Celina for the Family Christmas Eve bash at sister Marty's house...the rest of this week remains busy with basketball.  I worked my first Varsity game of the year last night,  some 60 miles north at Cory-Rawson HS, a game won easily by the home girls over visiting Lima Perry...I thought the 3 of us did a good job, although I do admit to making one real weak call early on that put the Perry center on the bench with 2 fouls....she came back soon after and played the rest of the game foul free, so that call by me, as bad as I think it was, didn't affect the game at all.

Tomorrow WBL JV Girls at Wapak, then boys same at Lima Bath on Friday...on Saturday I drive 35 miles to Versailles for a boys Junior High game at 10am...come home, quick shower and a bite, then drive the 60 miles back north to Cory-Rawson for a boys Varsity game, thus completing a busy week...things will then back off with only a double header Holiday Girls Tournament at Elida on December 27th, to finish out the 2013 sports year....January however, will be my busy month in roundball....with no less than 22 games on the schedule.

Merry Christmas....If I don't post before then!

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