Tuesday, October 21, 2014

{Bench} Pressing towards 70

When Football Season Arrive back in August, I put down the weight lifting workouts and let football take care of my workout routine ....in the 2 months since the season begin, I have dropped 7 or 8 pounds, and for the first time in a couple of years I have settled down below the 190 weight mark...and whenever you drop some pounds, you usually end up feeling better...even at 65.  With just 3 games left on my schedule, then a break of a couple weeks before basketball scrimmages begin, I figured it was time to get my legs ready for that season, and also get back on a weight training regiment....yesterday I began lifting again, along with the half dozen or so weight programs I work out on down in the dark regions of my basement.....I also took it upon myself to plug the treadmill back in and us the incline portion to full use...it is quite a workout, especially when you have been doing little but running up and down the football field for those 2+ months....they plan is, at this point, to do the treadmill or walk the streets of Celina 5 or 6 days a week, and continue the weight lifting/training 3 days a week for the time being....headed for 66 years old in March of 2015, just as Baseball Season begins, I figure I need all the help I can get to keep in shape, it is never easy, but especially so when you are my age, and stop the workouts....Always hard to get back into it....but here we go,

Pressing 70....

After so evaluation I figure I can umpire baseball into my 70s, if I stay in reasonable shape and the Good Lord let's me stick around and stay healthy enough to do that....there are never any "sure things" in life, especially when you start to age....If, IF, I can stay healthy and somewhat fit, I can do baseball, and perhaps football until 70.....or beyond, in the case of Hoops, Roundball, Basketball???  I'm not so sure...I will take that one game and on season at a time....the least favorite, but best workout of the three sports I officiate, keeping up with, especially the boys JV crowd is a challenge....I have already given up Varsity High School games at least on the boys side, and after this year, I will drop JV games and stick with Junior High and perhaps some girls Varsity and JV games....we will see how it goes.

Those are the long  term plans....as for the short term?  Staying Healthy is priority #1, staying Alive, if I accomplish #1 should be easier as my #2 personal goal.

2 1/2 years removed from Carotid Artery surgery, and well as 5 years down the road from a bout with High Blood Pressure and Pre~Diabetes 2....I consider it a 50/50 proposition to complete my goals...but I have never been shy on tackling things such as these.

back later....

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