Monday, October 13, 2014

Kam gets "dedicated", End of Riding Season

Down to the Dayton Area yesterday for the Church Dedication of the newest Grandson, Kamdyn Patrick Houseworth....a breakfast buffet afterwards, then watched a bit of the Bengals game before heading home...just in time to see the Cincy kicker Mike Nugent out of Ohio State push a chip shot field goal right and cost the Bengals a win...typing Carolina 37-37 to send Cincinnati's record to 3-1-1...they are calling for his head this morning....can't say I disagree, he has missed way to many easy field goals this season, and kickers are a dime a dozen in the NFL....

I have not posted in awhile, Blogger has been giving me problems with posting photos of late....but it appears that issue may have passed, at least for this blog.  Here is a shot of me and grandson #2 yesterday afternoon, while his brother sleep and I got to hold him after the rest of the family members headed home.....Patricia and I were the last to go.

Raining today also a MRSI Board of Directors meeting, football at Wayne Trace, and a pre~season Dartball meeting at Rockford tonight when I finish football.

With the cooler weather and rain of late, the motorcycle riding season is winding down....have not ridden as much or far, or off road as much as I had planned, but the TW still looks like new and both it and I are in one piece, so I cannot complain about my first year back in the saddle, after nearly 25 years of non MC riding...I put 600 miles o the new bike since March and hopefully we will have better weather and more opportunities to get out and explore some new highways and byways with it next season....although I still plan on riding a bit more this fall, when the weather is agreeable.

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