Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Basketball Officiating...and Moab Part #2

We have pretty well got our dates down for the Moab Trip and TW Adventure Ride in Utah set...

Some time in early March, Nick and I will haul our TWs, my 2014, purchased new last March, with 600 miles on it, and his new 2015 purchased last week with still less than 1 mile on it...up to Kurt's place near Auburn, Indiana...not far from my buddy Rick's place outside LaOtto.  We plan to spend some time, perhaps, if the weather ever clears, doing some riding around his ranch, and maybe shoot some guns...for target practice, unless there are some unsuspecting, Obama loving Liberals around....{insert eye roll, just for shits and giggles}...

Once done there, we will wait another week and a half, while Kurt and his Nephew pack the goods and get the trailers ready for the trip...Nick and I will return the afternoon of the **th , spend the evening, and the four of us will head out the next morning for Moab, Utah.  We hope to arrive safe and sound the next afternoon{1500+ miles} if the vehicles and weather cooperate...you never know going across the plains in March and you especially never know going across the Rockies in late winter and/or early spring....once there we hope to enjoy good riding weather for 7 or 8 days before returning home in time for my Baseball Umpiring season to begin.

I will keep this updated as the big event approaches.

Basketball Officiating...the "End is Near"

Worked a Junior High Boys double header last night at Convoy Crestview, and I realized just how much I am beginning to dislike, maybe even hate, working basketball....I'm contracted out for two more seasons, but I am beginning to re-think that.

I got into basketball officiating, mainly to stay busy in the winter, and to stay in reasonable shape for my age{66 coming up next month}...it was never my favorite sport to play{I sucked at it}, or now, officiate....sure I enjoy college, if it's teams I favor, like Duke or Ohio State, and I was the play-by-play guy for the Van Wert Cougars for 20 years on Cable Channel 7, and held season tickets for Celina's Bulldogs for a number of years...but like golf, I never took it seriously...it was and always has been entertainment and little more.

Seems the lower the level, the more idiotic the fans and some coaches become....sometimes you would just like to climb into the stands and choke the shit out of some fool, for not knowing a gawd damn thing about the game, or rules, or realizing that at some levels, you just can't or won't call everything...if you did, the games would only end, when every player fouled out!

Anyway, 2 more weeks, then a weekend in early March of 5/6th grade games to keep me in shape...once I return from Utah, and Baseball begins, I will re-evaluate if I want to continue with Basketball or just stay with Football and Baseball....and frankly Football is next on the list to go...but we will see how the body holds out and that season, beginning in August goes.

In the meantime, I am ready for this roundball season to be gone...heading 75 miles north this afternoon, and working a Girls HS Game..??  What the Hell was I thinking when I took this contract???

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Deborah Wilson said...

Awww - You love sports - you're just getting older. I've heard all of my life that every 10 years or so we change. We think differently and enjoy other things. I think that is where you are now. I've noticed that about myself too.

I hope you guys have a good trip - looking forward to the pics and videos!

Anonymous said...

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