Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Heading for Moab Part #3

Much like last winter, it appears this one will last long and will contain brutal below normal temperatures, when all is said and done.  February has been pretty damn awful, temperature wise, and if the forecast for the next 2 weeks is any indication, there will be some record lows broken....nothing in the extended forecast to challenge the Groundhog's Prediction...and six weeks might be a bit of a low forecast.

Anyway, the Moab Region of Utah should be somewhat warmer when we arrive on March 21st...let's at least hope so....the 45 day forecast looks like they are expecting a wet first week of Spring, but I'm not buying anything as far out as 30 days...a week or two, perhaps, but not a month...the forecast is far too iffy to get myself concerned, at least not yet.

I did get on the TW on Saturday morning and rode out west of town on Fairground Road for a couple of miles...the temperature was 19 or so, and a light snow had was still not bad, I was
dressed for the short run...Nick then picked me up,  and we took both bikes out to One Eye Concepts, to change out the stock tire....which frankly "Sucks" in off road areas...we both picked out Michelin T63s 130/80-18...a tire made for the rear of most dual sport and dirt bikes, but perfect for the larger tires and rims of the TW....not nearly as big and fat as the rear on the TWs, but large enough to put it's prints on the ground, and hopefully keep us upright.....Kurt suggested the tires and is putting the same on his I have someone to blame if this tire isn't what I need....{just kidding Borneo}.

So we are now 30 days out...and those 30 days are going to be cold and long back here in the Heartland....hopefully Mother Nature will be kind in the last week of March, at least in Moab.

In the meantime, I am left with a handful of basketball{regular season ends for me this week} meetings have began, and I am looking at just 2 scrimmages on March 16th and 18th, and looking at the forecast, I'm not betting the farm on getting those in....the regular season opener for me is slated for Monday March 30th.

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photos-My Blue 2014 and Nick's White and Silver 2015 with their new treads...

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