Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Looking back at the upper Great Lakes Ride 2015

It's been about 5 1/2 weeks since we got back from our Great Lakes Ride on the TWs....since that time Kurt has rode his TW as far north as James Bay in Canada, about 3200 miles round trip in 8 days, making our ride, half that much in the same time frame, seem pretty tame.  Fact of the matter is however, I would rather average 150-175 miles a day and take in the sites and scenery, much more enjoyable, especially if the weather is like it was back in July and early August...since our trip, some rains have returned and the  heat and humidity has been brutal...not something you want as football officiating season begins.

I though I would put down some of my favorite photos of the trip that may or may not have been posted before....I will probably make one more "Road Trip" before putting the  TW away for the winter....that will be at my old stomping grounds from here to Waldo, Ohio, where the family ancestors lived back in the mid 1800s and some remained until the early 20th Century...Nick and I will likely do that as the leaves change in early October....Waldo is also home to the world famous Baloney Sandwiches at G&R Tavern, which we will surly partake in.

In the meantime, here are some of the Great Lake Photos I enjoyed taking and looking back at:

Riding Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's "Yooper" aka  The U P

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