Friday, August 28, 2015

Part #8 2015 TW Adventure Riding....Meals at Moab


It was a total of 10 days from the time we left Celina, to Auburn, then on to Moab, and despite motels, small cramped cabin, convenience store foods and coffee, we actually ate pretty well, especially after we arrived in Utah.

In addition to some fine bar/restaurants and outdoor seating pubs, we had Mel....the senior member of our party was staying at the north camp and fixed several nice night we were treated to more steaks that a small army could eat...but we did our best.....

The restaurant fare downtown was a mixed bag...we had some good breakfasts at several locations, ate out of doors at pubs, and a couple indoor meals, the most memorable for me was the supper at the Blu Pig, when my meal was paid for by Mr Iron Butt himself, Twilight Mike....we had never met in person, but we made a bet, to be paid off at Moab, on the Oregon vs Ohio State National Title Game....of course the Buckeyes handled the Ducks and the meal was paid in full at the "Pig"

Moab's Blue Pig

spelled Blu Pig....

In total we ate either at the North Camp or downtown most meals...and the prices were reasonable....I think we used the grill at the KOA only one time, and I believe that was the Friday night before we were to head home.

Other places we stopped that were worth the mention included:

Eddie McStiffs

The first morning we dined at the pricy but great food place called the:

Jailhouse Café

The most reasonable breakfast house we tried was

Pancake Haus   although I am no pancake fan, the eggs and taters were great

If you get to Moab, any of these places get my recommended seal of approval...

The Moab trip would end on Saturday and we would be back in Indiana and home to Ohio by Sunday you might expect, after a week plus of near perfect weather, it was spitting rain and snow when we pulled into Borneo's Ranch, outside of Auburn....the first volley of a coming wet and cold spring and early summer had come....

Our next big adventure riding would be 1600 miles or so around the Upper Great Lakes...details of that ride coming up next;

back later>>>>

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