Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016 in Review....Part #1

This will be my 11th and likely last series of 2016 postings{this is likely to go 3 or maybe 4 entries}...since I started this blog back in July of 2007 I have posted as many as 264 times {2008}per year and that dropped to 53 last year, and frankly blogs had started to die off....I have fought to keep this one, but even my interests had changed to social media outlets like Facebook....despite the fact I despise some of the stuff there and especially despise the owner, Mark Suckenberg...a left wing turd to the Nth degree...I hate the fact that I may be contributing to his massive and not earned wealth...but WTF?  Until somebody on the Right Side comes up with a equal or better outlet...Facebook will remain my main place to get political and other items off my chest....I will however keep plugging away on this Blog, however un~frequent it may be.

Looking Back at 2016...

As 2015 turned to January of the New Year...I spent my usual Bowl Bash at my best friend Rick Pearson's place in NE{too much} food {way too much} and TV football{yeah, too much of that as well}...the Winter of 2015-16 proved to be one of the more mild and snowless seasons in many years...I only got the Snow Machine out twice...and even then not for more than 3 inches of the white stuff...I, frankly, just wanted to make sure the machine was working in fine fashion.

Nick and I did get the Dual Sport Yamahas' out on one too cold to ride day in January...maybe 30-33 degrees as we rode the back roads to Sidney, Ohio...froze our asses off...real stupid for two old farts:

February was mostly officiating Basketball, much like January and December....I figured out long ago that Basketball was my least favorite sport to officiate...a distant 3rd behind Baseball{by far my fav} and Football...probably comes from the fact that although I was a damn good baseball player, could play football{not that well} but I really sucked at roundball....

Anyway as we froze, we started making plans for another TW Dual Sport Adventure Ride....2016 would not be as intense as 2015 when we hit Moab, Utah{March}, the Great Lakes{July/Aught} and West Virginia and Southeast Ohio{early November}...This March we wanted to stay warm...or at least I wanted to ride in warmer weather...we had lucked out the year before...I wanted to "Luck Out" again in 2016.

March 2016...Big Bend National Park, and Terlingua, Texas....

Plans came together to ride Big Bend along the Southern Texas/Mexican Border...we would meet up with Kurt the Judge, Fort Wayne Harley Guy Gary, and Jim from the New York Outer Banks of the Atlantic....they would either ride or in Jim's case ship their larger rides to Austin and then ride and hook up with Nick and me at Big Bend/Rio Grande Village Campsite.  Nick and I would load the TWs into the back of his Pick~Up and haul them the 1600 miles out of Celina.

Like the old fools we are, we drove straight through to Terlingua where we grabbed a motel and smoke cigars and downed beers before we got on the road south into the National Park the next morning...

Big Bend would be the first of only 2 "Major Rides" of 2016.....and photos from the Texas ride will be forthcoming in Part #2

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