Wednesday, February 7, 2018

February 6, 1976...

Back in the winter of 1976, I hopped in my AMC "Levi" Hornet, along with our first two Airedales, Rags and Max...and drove them out to Windy Point, along the south side of Grand Lake, not far from where I spent my High School years, living in Montezuma.  Why do I remember that date, meaningless in the grand scheme of life in most respects?  No Idea really...I was home for the weekend from Hocking Tech and just remember thinking..."Well here it is, midway through Winter, and Spring isn't that far off"... I just remember it was February 6th...and each year since that time, if I'm in the area, I drive out  to Windy Point...a place I frequent these days to snap Sunset and Sunrise photos.

Yesterday, after the overnight snow, it was clean, bright and sunny, so after taking care of a few 'chores' I needed to complete, I drove the 6 miles or so and in the sun, sat around looking at the clean, cold, snow, and snapped a few photos of my old High School stomping grounds..

Photos: Top/The refurbished beach...despite being rebuilt in 2012, the Lake water quality still doesn't allow much swimming here, unlike the 60s and 70s summers, where we spent much time here, doing just that.

Below:  a couple more photos from yesterday followed by a summer shot of the channel that Rag and Max used to swim at in the mid 70s, and those two, our first of many Airedales over the next 40 years...treeing a back yard Squirrel when we lived in Dodge City back in 1980...

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