Saturday, March 3, 2018

Going Public...Photography Wise...

I have never considered myself much of a photography guy...sure I loved old black and white family photos and history, and took my share of bad shots, with weak cameras and bad lens....but the cost of tossing out shots that I hated or that were blurred kept me from really working hard to improve my skills...The dawn of the Digital Camera era and my wife purchasing me one of the expensive Sony lunchbox types when they first came out...those were easy, but the camera was expensive and really didn't take great photos with that floppy disk.  I still had my Vivitar 35mm which took better shots, but hey it still required film and the hit and miss of getting a good shot.....then along came point and shoot cheap cameras and they actually took decent shots.  I have never gotten into the Phone Camera scene...but did finally graduate to DSLR Cameras and Photography...mind you I never have and never will spend a fortune on camera and equipment....I don't care how expensive it are only as good as your eyes and as steady as your fingers and a tripod can make up.

So over the last couple of years I have been trying my hand a Landscape, especially Grand Lake Landscape and Water Scenes...also some night and wildlife photography....and while not great I have began to add colors and "effects" to my shots....and that has proven to have worked out, at least in part....from Grand Lake to the Everglades, to Big Bend, and even Moab, Utah, with the point and shoot back in 2015....thousands of photos and more than a few handfuls have come out to my liking....and now it seems to others as well.

Earlier this year I was asked to put together a group of photos to show at the various (8) Libraries in Mercer County {Ohio}...and that has begun...March I have put together a package of {mostly} lake photos to display, I place those in the Celina Library this month off to Coldwater, followed by the rest of the District locations in the county.

We will see how those work out....Here are some of the shots in the Display Case{shown above}

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