Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Juan" McCain=Taking Treason to His Grave

"Songbird" has taken his treasonistic activities up to his knocking on the Devil's Door, which he will soon enter:

McCain American Traitor

I regret ever having had to cast a ballot for this low life SOB....most of us Vietnam Vets knew he was lower than a Snake's Belly and even his fellow POW for the most part didn't like or trust this little man who would not only sell them out, he would sell out his country to the influx of illegals who are slowly destroying the Republic...

McCain as a POW

USS Forrestal and McCain's Role...

There you have it, this bitter man who almost single handed was responsible for the mess and fire aboard the USS not a hero, and his bitterness is expanding as he moves closer to meeting his maker, that final meeting and the results will not be mine to judge, but I have a ballpark guess on how "Songbird" will end up:

Spring has sprung and I plan on remaining busy as I can...back later:


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