Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A final look at growing up in Venice, Florida{from 2008}....Spring Perfect Weather

Living in the flat lands of Western Ohio, I've always noted, that out of 365 days a year, you can usually figure to maybe, maybe, get 25 or 30 that are "perfect" as far as weather goes....those being days that are not too wet, cold, humid, hot, snowy, windy, etc....yesterday was one of those, today may be another...most however, are relegated to the early Fall months of late September and Early October, but May has a few most appears that this "May Day" will be one of those...80 with sunshine and light breezes.

Yesterday, as Athletic Directors, scrambled to pick up umpires for make up league games, I had one non~league contest cancelled at Paulding, but quickly picked up another at the tiny berg of Continental.  I have an old Air Force friend, Bob Kohli, who lives near there, and it was the home of my Uncle Furl's wife Marvel and her family back in the day...nice little town of a few hundred, with a beautiful ball diamond...small, simple, but well maintained.  I had not done a game up that way for a few years, and was glad to visit the place again.  The game went 8 innings, as the home team tied Miller City late, but MC scored two in the top of the first extra inning to pull out a 6-4 win over the host Pirates.

Tonight I head for Delphos Jefferson, tomorrow I will be working at the same diamond.  Tonight with Mark Stechschulte, who worked the State Tournament last year, tomorrow back with my usual partner, Garry, for a NWC game with Columbus week the season, at least the Regular season, winds down...but plenty of make up games remain, and they will be sprinkled in with the Sectional Tournaments, which begin May first Tournament game is at Crestview on May 15th.  Looking forward to a few days off before the ACME and American Legion seasons begin,
Hopefully the Summer will not be as brutally hot as last year.

Off to mow mom's place...I got our lawn done yesterday, and it already looks like it needs it again...once the growing starts, it's here for the duration, unless we have a mid summer drought, once again like last year.

Venice, Florida, "Growing up, the Final Look Back"

One last look back at the 2008 blog series of my life as a kid in Venice, Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico....Click Below for the Story:

Just picked up another double header for this Saturday at wife's school, St. Henry, hopefully the weather will not be what they are calling for...rain and cooler, but that has been the norm so far this season....gotta enjoy the good days while you get them, so I'm heading out to get some grass cut...

back later>>>>

photos-1955, one of the few photos of me all slicked up, with a bath and combed hair...I loved south Florida in the wilds of the Gulf and open spaces of the 1950s...Sadly, there are few of those left these days...even the Everglades is getting crowded....and the Tulips have arrived in the back yard and along the fence...3 weeks late, but they have bloomed as they always do.

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