Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Summer of Obama Scandals...let it be Long and Hot!

Umpiring on Monday at Ottoville, it was in the mid 50s and windy on the flatland of Putnam at Convoy, I will put the gear on again, step behind the plate as that same Ottoville Big Green team will face Lincolnview for a Sectional Title and a chance to play at Coldwater in the D4 District.  The wind will be blowing again, but today the temperatures will be in the low to mid 80s....then tomorrow, weather permitting, I will finish my Spring season at Spencerville.  The end of the season that began in the cold and rain, with more than a dozen rain~outs, is ending with a couple of dozen games in a row in a mixed bag of conditions.   My Summer ACME and American Legion games begin when I return from a Vietnam "Mini-Reunion" at Kokomo the weekend that sees May end and June begin.

The Summer of Obammy.....

I have to admit that a smile has been on my mug the past week or 10 days...most of that is because of the "scandals" going on in DC...Benghazi, IRS/Tea Party, Associated Press, and I'm sure more to come....

The Teflon Kenyan is starting to see a few scratches in his cover, and the Lap Dog Press that has dutifully followed his every word like well trained French Poodles....this guy is more corrupt than Nixon, LBJ, and The Killintons {yes spelled wrong to piss off the stray Liberal that might stop by}, combined.

I'm not sure how it all will all end....I am sure Obammy will survive, way too many hard core Leftists in the halls of Congress and Courts....but somebody will take the fall...will it be Holder, Hillary, Big Sis the Iron Dyke of DHS?  All, some, none, more?  Either way, it is going to be fun watch the Kenyan Squirm, and his underlings run for cover...let's hope my former Congressman, Speaker John Boehner, and his underlings grow a set and fight this bastard named Barry Soetoro to the bitter end.

Either way, we can at least hope for these scandals to keep the Tea Party alive, and the GOP in firm control of the House, and maybe even the Senate....and if that happens and Hillzilla Klinton's Presidential hopes crash and burn, it will be indeed a good Summer, even if long and hot!

Out for a walk in the sun and wind.....back later>>>>

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