Friday, May 17, 2013

The Baseball Break before the next Go Round....

At least for the time being we are getting an early hint of Summer....a month away on the calender, we are now hitting June~like conditions in West Central Ohio, and that is good....fog this morning, cancelling school for Patricia and many schools in the area and south towards Dayton...nasty wreck down that way on I-70 east bound due to the fog...20 car/semi pile up and they are still counting the damage and injuries.

Last night I umpired my last High School Varsity game of the season...and did it fly by!.  Made all the quicker due to the cold and early season rain outs, which numbered over a dozen, probably the most I have had, or most I can remember in any one Spring.   Also, with just two Sectional Tournament games, and no District, Regional, or State games....the season ended early...Hell this year I could have went Michigan Mushroom hunting, but Rick has some health issues, a son getting married next month, and a cold spell in May in the state up north, so this
baseball, no mushrooms for my mid~May.  That leaves the next two weeks with some interesting "duties".

First off I will haul out the ladders and paint, left over from the house painting I did three Summers ago, and get ready to paint the garage...I skipped it back in 2010, and it needs some serious paint and wood repair...when it was built back in the 1980s they used some cheap ass boards on the front above the doors....and it needs work.

Still need to get the Kitchen Floor done, that's been nearly a year in the making....Nick and I may have a go at it...thus saving me $3000 or so....not sure I have the skill, but I do have the time...June will be busy with Summer baseball, but those games are in the late afternoon during the week, so I will have the early hours of the day to get things done...if I can talk myself into it.

Meanwhile on today's agenda, I will pull my baseball umpire gear out of the Nitro, hang the dark blue shirts away in the basement, and get out the summer~wear of lite blue, cream, breathable black and red shirts....and get ready for Summer Ball which is slated to begin June 3rd....

That will do it for today....just stepped outside to take a couple of garage photos...and damn the humidity is in full force now that the Sun has burned off the fog....might be some sweating doing that lawn work....back later>>>>

Photos-My Dark Blue OHSAA Jackets and cooler weather umpire gear will give way to the stuff I put on for Summer Baseball, ACME and American Legion style....a frest coat of paint, and some wood repairs are in order for the garage, and I plan on getting up earlier in the cool of the mornings to head down to Grand Lake and snape more sunrise photos as the weather heats up.

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