Friday, November 22, 2013

November 22, 1963

Here it is a Friday, November 22nd, and we have had a cold rain for the past 36 seems to be dissipating, but  the day ahead promises plenty of clouds, and the temperatures will slowly begin to fall as the weekend Sunday the high will be but 26, so the Weather Channel says.

So, if you are old enough to remember, where were you on Friday, November 22nd, 1963....50 years ago this day....?

Friday 11/22/63 in Celina, Ohio, was much like today, rain, rather cold, and pretty miserable, weather would be the day that would change America forever.

Now don't get me wrong, as a 14 year old, zit faced Freshman, politics was a interest to me, but not a life involved pursuit.  When Kennedy ran against Nixon in 1960, I was growing up in Venice, Florida, and supported Tricky Dick.  Dad's side of the family were Republicans, mom's Democrats, although I don't recall at that early age of 11, either one was all that interested in politics....I was, and supported Nixon.  By the time Kennedy took that trip to Dallas Texas, 50 years ago, I was still a supporter of the GOP, and did not particularly like JFK, but despised his running mate, LBJ, even more....he was a despicable asshole, I still feel that way today, although my feelings towards John Kennedy have changed.

JFK, it turns out, was, in retrospect, a Conservative in fiscal matters, not the starry eyed leftist that the media would have you believe...sure he was a womanizing jerk, much like Bill Clinton...the big differences between Clinton and Kennedy were that JFK had a better taste in women, and unlike Clinton,  JFK was not a Marxist toad from the get-go....Kennedy, unlike the draft dodging Arkansas hick, was a real war hero. 

Looking back, Kennedy was a mediocre President, but did not spend enough time in office to really do much....LBJ, on the other hand, began the slide that continues today...Vietnam, The Great Society, and other disasters....his legacy on Civil Rights is what turned the Black Community from post 1860  freed slaves, into the Welfare and Bastard Children slaves much of that so-called "community" is today.  Slaves they are, of the Jackson's, Obama, and Nanny State.....but that discussion can wait for another time and place...I will turn back to 11/22/63.

I had just entered my Freshman Algebra class in the basement of the old Celina Insurance Building, a one year temporary site for the Freshman Class only, as Celina High School was ready to begin transition from the old High School on East Livingston Street{where the varsity basketball field house and administration is housed still today} to the new school on East Wayne Street....that building, now nearing 50 years old, is still in use today as the "new" Celina High School.

Our Algebra Teacher, Mr. Chapman, waiting for the restless 7th period class to settle, began his speech...."President Kennedy was shot today in Dallas, it is presumed he is dead"!  I don't recall my exact emotions, but I do recall thinking to myself..."That means that asshole, LBJ, is going to be President"...Asshole was mild, compared to what that son of a bitch inflicted on America, as bad of President as this republic has residing right in the bowels of Hell along with Woodrow Wilson and FDR, and where Carter and the current resident of the White House will surely join them.

The weekend would turn cloudy, dry, and cold.  College and NFL games would be cancelled, and the family would set in front of the tube...watching it all, including Lee Harvey Oswald getting gunned down by Jack Ruby.  50 has flown by in the blink of an eye, the age of innocents is long still believes LBJ had a hand in the  I'm not so sure, although it would not surprise me a bit.

Looking back, the age of "Camelot" was a fraud, JFK was nothing special, the Kennedy Clan in general, nothing more than a bunch of inbred children of privilege of a Boston Rum Runner.  Drugs, insanity, murder, and topped off by The Swimmer, Ted Kennedy, are the real legacy of the Kennedy's, but the events of November 22, 1963, have led many Americans to wrongly think differently.

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sam said...

Hee Hee I got blocked on FB By 2 Lden ,NC libs for saying the same thing about Camelot , lol !

Pat Houseworth said...

Thin Skinned they are brother Sam...