Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 2013/Why is Obama Destroying the Military?

Took a quick trip to Wisconsin...up on Friday morning, back by last night.  Spend our "Thanksgiving" with Patricia's folks, as to avoid the colder and more likely snow filled late Thanksgiving up that that this year.  Ate too much, drank too much Brandy, and a few beers, before we heading back south after breakfast out early yesterday.

On the way home we tripped around O'Hare and met with oldest son Sam at a place called "Egg Harbor" and had another breakfast with him and a Ohio State friend of his, Sean, who now lives in Iowa, but was sent to Chicago this week on business....I had the Very Berry Oatmeal, with muffin...pretty interesting, and since I had an egg omelet earlier back in Oconomowoc, I was "egged" out.

We had a nice hour or so meet, and meandered our way, avoiding the multiple lanes for as much of the trip as possible...finally arriving back in Celina well after dark, at 6:45pm....but the dark still doesn't match southeast Wisconsin, where the sun sets at 4:30 and it is pitch black by 5:15....along
with the cold two reasons I despise winter.

Dartball at Mendon tonight, followed by a rules meeting in Van Wert Wednesday, then 3 days of scrimmages....Saturday morning a early scrimmage in Celina, then off to celebrate grandson Kasyn's 2nd Birthday in Centerville.  His actual birthday is November 24{born on Thanksgiving evening in 2011}.

Obama's Military Madness....

Today is Veterans Day, largely ignored in today's America.  Sure there are those that give faked salutes to Veterans past and present, and some actually care, usually parents of those currently serving or vets themselves.  Others truly honor what some have sacrificed, but the large majority could give a rat's ass less, especially a gay bladed Kenyan in the White House, the Commander and Chief of today's new and not improved military.

My two sons are now 31 and 29, and I never encouraged them to join the fact, I told them it was their individual choice, but that in today's atmosphere there would be no way in Hell, given the fact that we are fighting to save a gaggle of Middle Eastern Morons that despise us and would kill us in a heartbeat, why would one serve?  The other a country of freeloaders that elect Bill Clinton, a draft dodging asshole, worth serving?  Then you get a illegal Kenyan in office, who despises this country making it worse....the only reason to serve would be to rid ourselves of this who has turned the military into a jumble of anti-
Christian, pro pervert, weeding out the leaders, who don't walk lockstep with the Fuhrer Obama, military.  Obama is trying to make the members of the military look, act, and think, like him....and he is succeeding.

While I still salute those that I served with, those who served before me, and those true Patriots who serve now....I cannot stand what is happening under this evil fool who is destroying the very foundation of the fighting forces....once our Military is doomed, the Republic will fall like

a deck of cards, and that dear readers, is exactly Obama's plan.

Something to think about on this Veterans Day 2013...

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Photos-The Berry Oat Meal Breakfast at "Egg Harbor"....the 4:30 sunset at Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and me at 19  in Sky Cop Schoo, and less than a year later at Nha Trang, South Vietnam.  And I have no idea why I can't elimintate the duplicate photos....Blogger is taking a crap, as usual....

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Happy Veterans Day, Pat!