Monday, January 20, 2014

Dragging thru Winter

11 days since my last post....that is the single longest period, by several days, of the longest gap between posts.  Not sure if it's the boredom of winter in Western Ohio, the lack of any "real" news going current despising of anything politics, both from the left, and the so-called right...let us face it, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Donut Boy Christie, and the so called leaders of the Republican Party are every bit as pathetic as Pelosi, The Clintons, Reid, and the Kenyan Born Fool in the White House.  We are in deep shit, and the majority of fools don't have a clue concerning the dictatorship and Government Rule that is heading their every aspect of their miserable lives.

Anyway, that aside, this lack of posting, is the longest since I began this blog some 6 1/2 years ago, in the heat of the Summer of 2007.  Back then I was posting, for the most part, 5 days a week, taking most weekends off...that lasted until a year or more ago, when I slowed down to 2 or 3 posts a has went downhill since then....having told my life story, from growing up in Venice, Florida, the High School Days in Celina, Ohio, my Air Force time, both in and out of Vietnam, and the wild days post Military, into college.  These days, as I approach my 65th birthday, the everyday things are routine, and of interest only, for the most part, to me...the things I look forward to are much simpler, and yet just as fulfilling, perhaps not as interesting or "exciting".

Watching the Grandson, Kasyn, grow like a weed is one of the things that confirm that life indeed does pass by in the blink of an eye...and now with a sister or brother{we will find out March 1st} on the way, another chapter will be long I remain on this planet to watch them grow remains something only known to God.  I plan on sticking around as long as he wishes, and forever speaking out on things I like, despise, and agree or disagree with...whether it be politics, the world, sports, religion, or everyday life.

2014 will be a medical needs will now be in the hands of the VA and Medicare, gawd, how I hate to rely on the Government for anything other than keeping the sewers and water flowing, and the highways in repair....but it is the way of life these days, we have become a nation and society of slaves, whether we like it or not.  As of now, despite a back ache at present, I am doing well physically.  Still lifting weights, still up and down the basketball court, and eating well, and keeping the blood pressure low.  I've kicked myself off one Cholesterol Med, and slowly cutting down on one of my two BP lowering drugs...did I ask the doctor about these cutbacks?  Hell No!  I refuse to go through the final chapters of life, taking drugs that most likely do more harm than good, just to last until I'm 90 or 100...give me 70 or 75 and see what shakes out!

So I will continue to post...on occasion, but the days of the 5 posts per week are by the boards...

Mercer County is on a Level 2 Snow Emergency, adding to the winter woes, will be another round of below Zero temperatures this mid week...indeed a long winter, and we still have two full months to go.  Games at Rockford tonight, if the don't cancel, then back home to toss darts, the rest of the week remains busy to say the least, with roundball...however I do have Friday off, only the second or third of those since basketball began, back in late November.  Last night we had our first organizational
meeting for baseball....just the 3 officers, Ryan, Ron, and me, attended, the finances look good for the upcoming season, and we kick off our regular meetings on February first scrimmage is March 25th at St Marys.  Make no mistake, it will be cold through much of the Spring season, but much better than the current weather for sure.

back later, with more of the mundane....

Photos-Grand Lake in Summer, I am ready for these days to return...plans are to continue to eat healthy and lost the final 8 or 10 pounds back down to the 180 mark.  Missing the flowers in my backyard, especially the wide variety of Sunflowers I grow each Spring and Summer, and yes, cold Spring or not, I am ready to pack away the basketball clothes and whistles, and pick up the baseball gear.

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