Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Finally the Flooring gets put down!

I see it's been two full weeks since I last posted....another record breaker in length between posts, a credit to being busy or bored?  I choose the later of those choices.  It's been a long, cold, snowy, winter, and here I sit, waiting for the next version of the Winter of 2013/2014's "White Death".  Another 6 to 10 inches has been predicted by the NBC owned Weather Channel, and it's "Al Gore is Gawd, Global Warming is our Bible", Bullshit...the gerbils at the WC have gone to actually "naming" the projected winter storms these days....this one is a N...Numbnutz or something along that vein....either way, I'm not sure how much snow, ice, or whatever, we may see...but it will continue this season, without so much as a sniff of a a January or February "Melt" .....hopefully it will turn into a early Spring.  God knows, I only have a limited number of seasons left on this earth, and the warmer{and dryer} the better.

20 months later...finally getting the Kitchen Floor done....

When son Sam graduated from The Ohio State University, at the ripe old age of 30 back in the Summer of 2012, we headed down to Columbus for the hot, humid, air of the Horseshoe, and watched the ceremony.   Susan Rice was the commencement speaker...the joke of an UN Ambassador, spinning her lies about family, the glory of queer marriage, and worship of her boss, the Half Wit/Half Breed of a Kenyan fool in the White House....after taking Sam and a couple of friends out to a post graduation dinner, we headed home...once back we discovered that newly installed fixture{done by a plumber, not me} had come loose under the kitchen sink, doing major damage to the kitchen floor, the crawl space next to our basement, and some areas next to the kitchen entrance....several thousand dollars damage to be exact.

Nationwide paid what they thought was a far settlement{we probably should have held out for more but wth?}...and we began the task of deciding what to do...new kitchen, new cabinets, blah, blah, blah...

Well after the fire/water restoration guys finished...my buddy Nick and I replaced the insulation under the kitchen...Patricia and I checked out the cost for new kitchen, new bay windows, etc, etc...after some soul searching, I decided to nix the whole damn project....$25,000 to $30,000 to upgrade at our ages was doable, but being the cheap bastard I am....I let the floor sit for over a year and a half...time flies indeed!

Well with the winter conditions leaving no time for outdoor activities, Nick, Patricia, and I, finally got around to picking out the flooring and material to at least get the kitchen floor back to some semblance of normal....the project began with cutting sub-floor plywood, sanding, gluing, measuring, and finally laying down the Armstrong Tile....as of Super Bowl weekend, we were about 85% finished...just a few more edge and corner cuts to go, and we will finally have our kitchen back to (better) what it was in June 2012....and at a Hell of a lot less cost that we bantered about.

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The Floor from June 2012 until this morning.....finally nearing completion....

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