Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Never Ending Winter

Minus as in -13 below zero for the 2nd straight morning here in Grand Lake Land....this unofficially makes 17 days below zero for the winter...usually in West Central Ohio we may get 2 or 3 days total below the ZERO mark...I have never seen anything close to this, at least not in my part of Ohio.  The last winter I experienced this kind of cold was the first winter Patricia and I lived in Wausau, Wisconsin...that winter of 77/78 produced a string of below zero days that lasted more than a month on the calender...but then again, that was the Northwoods of Wisconsin, where such things are expected...down here in the lower Great Lakes, not so much.

Either way, winter is on the way out...the only question is....Will it be an early Spring or a late one?  And frankly some years we have little spring weather, as we head right into Summer in mid May or there abouts.  Last year was wet and rather cold...getting almost half my spring high school baseball games rained out or frozen out...the year before, 2012, when I got my Carotid Artery worked on on my 63rd birthday, March 16th of that year, it was in the 80s and March and much of April were dry and well above average...I vote for that in 2014, but doubt is it will happen two years out of three.

This week, as basketball season winds down, I am making up games and filling in for the Junior High games that were cancelled...the first 4 days of this week, I am working Girls Junior High...something I usually don't do often, but hey, the Athletic Directors that I am filling in for, usually send good Varsity Baseball contests and tournaments my, why not help em' out?

Off Friday, then a JV boys game on Saturday night at Delphos St. Johns...that will leave me just one schedule game, the next Friday, February 21st at Wapak...End of season, then get ready for baseball.  Speaking of which, our first regular umpire meeting will be held tonight at Van Wert{last week it was cancelled due to the snow storm}....I'll be late because of the basketball double, but with 7 dates left on the meeting agenda, I'll have no problem getting things squared away, meeting requirement wise.

In the meantime, I will "skate" through the rest of the winter and basketball....and hope for a healthy start to baseball season.  Right now I am just getting rid of my first cold of the season...which earlier I though might turn into Bronchitis, like I had last February...but it seems that I will miss that wonderful feeling this time around...hopefully!

<<< And after 20 months...Patricia and I{along with Nick} have finally a new floor in the a new paint job is needed for that area plus some trimming...but  that can wait till warmer weather.

back later>>>

Photos-Grand Lake...not sure how deep the snow is at this time...but I imagine plenty thick, at least in spots....just don't walk or snowmobile on the southwest corner area.  Baseball is near, but will the snow melt, or will we be stuck with scenes like this?  And finally the darker{shows less walk in dirt} tile floor has been put down in the kitchen, finishing up the water leak damage from the summer of 2012.

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