Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crazy Liberals....Crazy Social Media

Nearly another foot of snow fell on West Central Ohio from Monday night to early Tuesday AM...we did manage to get our Varsity Basketball double header in.  After officiating the girls contest between Celina and Crestview, a close game despite the different records, until the end...the visiting Knights came away with a 44-34 win to move to 16-1 on the season, The Bulldogs fell to 3-16...but put up a good contest...I stuck around for the Boys Game, which was supposed to be a good, close, hard fought battle....and it lived up to the billing.  Top Ranked D4 Crestview jumped out to a 13 point lead late in the 3rd quarter, but had to survive a last possession by Celina to pull out a 62-60 squeaker.  Crestview moves to 16-0, while Celina, still tied for first in the WBL{this was not a league game} falls to 11-5 with a unusually tough schedule.

The lite snow which had fallen when I arrived at the Fieldhouse at 5:15, had turned into a half foot or more by the time I headed out to clear off the morning it would approach and pass double digits in inches fallen.  I felt for my 5 fellow officials...all had to drive 20+ miles home, some as much as 55...mostly on State and back  I scraped off the snow and a bit of underlying ice, and headed the 5 blocks to our place...Lucky Me!  The Crestview fans, and there were quite a few, had to slide home the 32 miles via slippery roads as well.

Pissing off the Left....I do my best!

As a poster on several social media sites{facebook, twitter, various sports and political related sites, etc} What else does a retired/semi retired old fart have to do in the middle of the longest, coldest, snowiest, winter in recent memory?...I often worm my way into politics...not so much to put my opinions out for all to view, although I surely do that, but usually to see the Psychotic Reactions for those on the left, and so called Moderates, as well as radical gays, Atheists, excuse makers for Islamic Assholes, and those that worship Obama and Company.  They don't last long before they usually go Ape shit in anger.  Most remind me of little boys on some Elementary School playground...they gang up when confronted and form a front against anybody that dare call them what they are....Gutless, etc, etc, etc....they are indeed like the proverbial playground bullies, tough as a group, as long as they have you outnumbered, but when called out, insulted, and generally made fun of, they go crying to their 'daddy"...usually that is one of the Moderators on the site{much like a playground monitor}, begging them to ban or put on time out the offending Nasty Right Winger.

I've been booted, sometimes permanently, from quite a few sites.  The latest, in addition to several "Time Outs" from the liberal lapdogs at facebook, happened this last week from a Motorcycle Ride site called ADvrider:

It's a pretty good site, and since, after 20+ years of being out of the saddle, I decided to get back into Adventure Motorcycle Riding...I figured a good place to check things and ride locations out...and it is.  Lots of good people there...however, as usual on any large social media site, you have your

garden variety left wing fools that want to "rule the threads"...and they just hate anybody that comes into their territory and makes a comment, that might differ from theirs...fine I say, but sometimes I have to poke some asshole in the eye.  So last week I had a couple of "Fat Tire" ales and stopped by the "Ohio" thread...not really Ohio at least not my part of Ohio...this thread is ruled by a group of Eastern Ohio Hill~Jacks and they sure the Hell don't like comments, let alone opinions, from anybody from the flat part of the state.

Well it so happens the other night, soon after the Kenyan Fool put on his scripted "State of Disaster/ Union" message...some nimrod on the "Ohio Ride" thread compares Obammy to Hitler...good comparison I thought, except Obama just isn't that bright...neither are his backers.  The ripping on this poster started...mostly from the effeminent Gay male crowd...well I assume they were gay, aren't all male libs?  Gay or live their lives ruled by wives, girlfriends, or mommy...either way I just gave the guy a "nod" icon and said, "Some folks just can't handle the truth"...all Hell broke loose and a few of the little leftists, led by a girlyman calling himself Z@ck, another clown with a photo of a fake big titted Sarah Palin, wrapped in the American Flag, with 23,000 or so posts(talk about no life, how the Hell does he find time to work or ride?} naming himself dragoon, and some fat porker who has not liked any post I chipped in with since I joined, calling himself MeefZah, came unglued....well, having poured my 3rd,  or was it 4th "Fat Tire", I joined in the flame war...before somebody cried to one of the Head Cheese types, and the thread was buried, and I was booted for a week...

Back on, I can go back to enjoying the ride reports....but won't grace the assholes with my opinions or comments on the "East Ohio Hi~Jack" thread...however with the new fun involved, I will make a few comments on the "JoMomma" section, where politics and flame wars are front and center...this morning I already jumped in on the Phillip Seymore Hoffman death....hoping to stir a few of the lefties up....they have been posting of what a great tragedy this is, and what a talent he was...Huh???  Yes it's sad the dumb son of a bitch died from sticking Heroin in his veins...but great talent?  No, he was a dumbass....and if not for his so called fame and fortune, nobody but his immediate circle of family and friends would give a shit!

As for ADvrider, I will stick around, comment some, but mostly enjoy the photos and "trip reports"...well at least until I crack open a few Fat Tires, and get my ass booted...there is always that chance{likelihood}  ... 

Games back on tonight....heading for Antwerp to work a Boys game

back later>>>

Photos-It's been quite a few years since this part of Ohio has seen over 50 inches of snow in a season...sure, that doesn't come close to my days, post Vietnam, that I spent in Upstate New York where the Mohawk Valley received over 300 inches of Lake Effect snow that winter of 70/71....but for West Central Ohio, it's been plenty, giving the new Snow Machine a good workout.  Worked my first Varsity Basketball game at the Celina High Fieldhouse(built in 1937)...usually only work lower level games in all 3 sports during the school year here in Celina, but with the snow outs, and cancellations, I was called and enjoyed both games..working the Girls Varsity and staying for the boys game.  Lots of years and a couple of nasty wrecks since I first began riding Motorcycles, after my Air Force gig...rode from 1974 through 1989, but with the crash injuries and a family growing, it was time to take a break....that break is coming to and end this riding season, if all goes are from 1975 with the Dual Sport Kaw 250 and with youngest son Hal back in 1985 on the Yamaha 650  or is it the Suz 550?  Seems I can't recall, but pretty sure it's the Yamaha.

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