Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Liberal/She Males are just way 2 EZ

Some sun and near 60 yesterday, clouds and about the same today, before Winter Reality sets back in for tomorrow.  After a front line of rain late this evening, snow arrives back in the area tomorrow with 4 or more inches, and 40 mph winds to bring the chill factors down to -10 or so...Whoopee freaking do!  At least the majority of the snow{except some snow plowed piles} is gone, and we can handle the next batch, which usually doesn't stick around long after March makes it to the calendar.

Pissing on the Left's Morning Cereal.....

I made my way over to ADVrider and the forums this morning...last night I posted some wildlife photos I took last summer and my Hognose Snake photo from the Michigan Mushroom Hunt a couple of years ago...

When I first found the site last summer I thought it would be a good place to surf and look at photos and stories from like minded folks rides....and to a certain extent it is...on the other hand, it has a noticeable "Left" bend to it, especially when it comes to the accompanying "Basement" portion.  That area, like much of the mainstream news, and churches these days, if infiltrated with a collection of left wing assholes, most of whom don't ride{except on the backs of their gay lovers}, have never rode, and who likely live in mom's basement...typing out thousands of posts of political nature, on a Motorcycle Adventure Forum site....some of these assholes have post upwards of 100,000 posts in a few years, and this on just one site...can't imagine what they do with their "spare time".

Anyway, I dropped by this morning just to screw with a few of them....most white limp dick libs, in love with Obammy the Wonder Kenyan and still waxing about the great Racist Nelson "Dingo" Mandela, who no doubt is currently roasting in Hell....fitting for the murdering son of a bitch he was....one thing about Lib She Males....they can neither take a joke or the truth, both are foreign to these gutless little men.  I expect to be receiving another "vacation" perhaps on a permanent level...seems the Administration and Moderators on the side are left wing types themselves, and when the girly men on the left get their feelings hurt, the Mods are there to ease their pain.....boo, freaking, hoo....call me when I give a shit!

I am much more at home on the TW200 Site and Forum....95% Conservative and folks that
actually ride....Speaking of which, the new T~Dub is on order from Honda East and I await it's arrival.  Once it arrives, Nick and I will head to the Toledo bergs and bring it home...hopefully the lates batch of snow will be melted, and I can put a few miles on it.

In the meantime I will wait ...and continue to prepare for the upcoming baseball season.  As president of the Midwest Buckeye BB/SB Umpire Association, a mostly figure head title, I still like to attend al all meetings....already one has been cancelled, and tomorrow night looks in jepordy with the snow and wind in the forecast{if Van Wert Schools cancel, we cancel}...this brings up another problem.  Flemings Sports is heading up from Columbus tomorrow and with them come the orders our guys have made with them...we will see what happens.  Added to this, my next 3 Wednesdays I have either scrimmages or regular season games to umpire, and I still need one more meeting to get in to remain legal.  So I either arrive late, if this happens, or I head to Piqua next Monday for one of their meetings to make sure I am covered ... Or I could just wait to see if one of the games is cancelled{most likely} or hold off until the final meeting on April 2nd, when I have a varsity game at Van Wert, which should be over in plenty of time to drive the mile to the High
School....decisions, decisions, whatever happens, I will get it covered, I just hate waiting until the last minute.

Time to head out for my 2 mile walk...since the day in nice, and we won't see another for awhile, I will forgo the treatmill and weight room for a walk to the Lake and back....a couple of miles in 60 degree weather is doable for sure.

back later>>>>

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