Thursday, March 6, 2014

Winter...any end in sight?

Sunny today, and it is supposed to rise to the mid most standards this is still 15 degrees or so below "normal" for this late in March...but by this winter's standards, it is downright balmy.  Tomorrow they say 50 for a high, and various 40 and 50 degree temps for the next 5 or 6 days, before back to least that is what they are currently predicting...but with the track record of the National Weather Service and the Weather Channel, don't bet on any of this coming to pass.

Sitting here this morning, after my morning workout on the treadmill, I decided to flip on the DVD of "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" .... instead I decided to watch the attached "Making of the TSM" ...turns out the stories of the making of the film, it's actors, locations, and director John Huston, was every bit as long as the 2 hour movie....just now I have turned over to the movie of my top 10 or 15 of all time for sure. 

Tomorrow I will head to the Hope Hotel at Wright~Patterson AFB, near Dayton, where Bob Griffith and I will meet with staff at the Hope, and make our final plans for the April 11th~13th Vietnam/Thailand Air Force Sky Cop Mini Reunion, the weekend before Easter.  At this point, I'm glad I pushed it back a month...because the rest of March doesn't look all that sweet, weather wise, hopefully April will see a bit more warm and a lot more sun.

Yamaha TW Time.....

In earlier posts, I had talked about getting back into off road and rural motorcycle riding ... well after looking at multiple dealers that offer the bike I want, a 2013 tw200 "Fat Tire" by Yamaha, the best deals within 200 miles I could come up with on a 13 was still way more than I wanted to pay....then out of the blue I come across Honda East outside Toledo in Maumee, Ohio...while they did not have any left over 2013s in stock, they offered me a out of the factory 2014 for less than I could purchase a 13 at most places .... add a rear luggage rack{for hauling my summer baseball equipment around}, taxes, and freight, I talked them into one for less than $4500, all included.  I sent in the deposit, and now wait for it to arrive ... Nick and I will take a trailer the 100 miles north, and bring it home...Crazy I Might by gawd I will finally get back in the saddle.

Of course I have no intention of doing any long haul 4 lane riding ... been there done that, that's why I purchase this bike, that goes off and on the trails, and does so with a 200cc 4 stroke that won't top 70 or 75 mph ..."Let's Ride".

In the meantime I will wait for the winter to ease ... Baseball season is set to begin, with my first scrimmage at Parkway in Rockford set for March 18th....but unless we have a dozen dry days with plenty of sun and temps near 70, that isn't gonna happen, and the forecast, while a bit better, is far from that rosy a painted picture ... so we will wait it all out, the forecast is for below normal for the next 45 days or so .... looks like I will be wearing the cold weather gear more often than not again this season, which is the case most years ... but spring, rain, snow, winds, and a bit of warmth, with come.

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