Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is here, but Mother Nature isn't buying that...

Friday was the last best day and one of the few we have had so far of late....probably got up to 60 with lite winds and sunshine...perfect day for my first baseball scrimmage to finally get played, after 3 freeze outs!  Also a great day to fire up the new tw200 Yamaha Dual Sport M/C and ride it to the Fairgrounds a block or so away...then putt around for a few minutes, going through the gears and riding on various surfaces, gravel, some lite mud, and some sandy pavement areas...didn't get more than a half hour and a few miles on it, but baseball was calling and I couldn't dilly around.

My first thoughts were...."Hell it's been awhile", but I hopped on and pretty quick, with some doubts, I made the Fairgrounds, and found myself dissecting how the TW handled...brakes a bit more mushy that I liked, and the clutch seemed out of place, or mushy as well....but those are adjustable and when we get another half way warm day....I will adjust after taking it for another spin....all in all, I enjoyed it, but like with anything else you do, after not having done it in awhile, you tend to be a bit
nervous...same thing when looking over and prying around the bike after reading the Owner's Manual....guess you are afraid, or at least on my part, you are going to break something...on a dual sport no less?  Go Figure!

Anyway, once done with my small piece of riding the TW on her "Maiden Run"(about 3 miles total) I parked it back in the garage and there she sits....the baseball weather that late afternoon was perfect at Rockford Parkway...Saturday Morning however, the same would not apply, as I was asked to fill in for another ailing umpire.

My scrimmage game at Delphos St. Johns for Saturday had been cancelled due to the field still not being dry....on many diamonds the frost/freeze is just now pushing up through the ground...but Celina with it's artificial turf infield has no such I told Bob I would fill in for the other umpire...working the bases for the second straight day.  This time however, there would be no sun and the temperature will settle in at around 40 me a chance to try out the new winter gloves.

Sunday was a basketball watching day, cold with sun is still like yesterday, the temps at the noon hour are still in the upper call yet from Allen East as to whether the weather will kill today's scrimmage...if not I will have to dress warm once again.  Tomorrow looks worse, 34 with strong winds and snow showers...that scrimmage in St. Marys is surely going to be cancelled...I hope!

There is some hope for a bit warmer weather by Thursday and Friday...but storms on Friday could put the opening day double header between Delphos Jefferson and Van Wert at early to worry that far ahead however....Spring has arrived and with like most March and Aprils{May as well at times}, the weather is going to be up and down....nothing we can do about that.

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Photos-The New TW200 at the Mercer County Fairgrounds...getting it's first street and gravel miles on it...and the Artificial Turf at Celina, cold, wet, whatever, it's ready for the upcoming season.

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