Tuesday, April 1, 2014

And Here I Sit on National Obama Supporters Day

That would be April Fools Day to we Conservative types....April 1st 2014 to the rest of the non political world....64 yesterday, got my first Varsity Regular Season game in at Spencerville...this afternoon with strong winds and around the same temps as yesterday, I will be at Fort Recovery for a Varsity contest with Lincolnview...tomorrow back to rain and cooler, and no break in sight until at least late in the weekend....such is this winter/early spring....

Reds lost their opener to the hated Cardinals yesterday....1-0, you hold St Louis to 5 hits, you expect to win...But!! 

Otherwise just messing around, did get the Yamaha out for a few rides...it now has 35miles on it...lol~I remember when I was 25, back in 1974 and purchased the new Kawasaki 250 on/off road....I rode that damn thing in any weather when I first purchased it....growing old is just no damn fun  :(  But Hell it could be worse, I could be a brain dead Obama Supporter and Tool...or worse, be forced to sign up for his freaking Illegal{like him} Health Care Takeover Scam via the Federal Government.

Photos of the Day:


WIN METHOD said...

Love your blog and your views of out American terrorist President. It is heartening to see others who have the same views as I do.

Pat Houseworth said...

Thanks for stopping by "Win" good to see somebody with my dual interests...Baseball and smoking out Obama lies, thanks.