Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rain, Rain, and more....Looking back at the Mushroom Hunt 2011

Rained all day yesterday and most of the night....was rained out of a league game at Delphos Jefferson yesterday....still, even with the crappy weather, I have managed to get 20 our of 26 regular season games in so far.  Tonight a WBL game combined with another ALS{Lou Gerig} Fund Raiser is slated for Elida at Lima Shawnee....with a 50% chance of rain by game time(6pm) and 90% later, I am not confident about getting this one in either...same for the rest of the week.  Rain and then much colder than normal for the rest of the week.

Mom returned from Florida along with brother Mike on Sunday....just in time to enjoy Ohio Spring Weather.....well maybe, not so much!

May beckons....and with it, another look back at the Mushroom Hunts from the past...this one from 2011 where I met face to face with a nasty looking snake near Boyne, Michigan:


back later:

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Anonymous said...

That's a harmless Hog Nose snake and a very interesting character. Fans his head to look like a Cobra and even hisses when frightened. If you mess with him a little he will roll over and play dead until the threat passes. Great snakes to have around the house and they eat all sorts of rodents and vermin.

We have great mushrooms here in the NY mountains but you want to go with a very knowledgeable picker so you don't get the bad ones.