Friday, May 30, 2014

Riding Mercer County

Finally getting some riding weather and time.....the past two days about 80 miles on the bike in various parts of Mercer County....more to come:

Photos 1 and 2 my old High School Stomping grounds at Windy Point of the South Side of Grand Lake:  Photo #3 is our old place where the kids grew up...we lived here from 1980 until the Fall of 1990...sadly this set of owners didn't do the place justice and it appears they let it go back to the banks.  Photos 4 and 5, a couple of classic Cemeteries The Palmer Cemetery{spelled wrong on the arch??? from 1885 near the St. Marys River, and the old Long Cemetery on Harrison Road south of Montezuma.

More to come!


Finally getting some ride time and riding weather, and have been around parts of Mercer County....more to go, but at least I have a start:


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