Monday, May 19, 2014

The Real "Hoot Gibson" and all of his Political Warts

Damn...been a couple of weeks since I posted last....these long stretches are getting to be the norm rather than the exception....but having told my life story over the first 4 or 5 years of this blog, it has come down to when I have the time and something to show whether via photo or story...the last couple of weeks have seen much baseball{weather still sucks but getting games in} and a game at Tin Caps Stadium, and the celebration with 50 friends and family members of Mom's 90th Birthday, which she also celebrated back when it happened in April, down in Naples, Florida, with youngest sister, one of the Nieces, and several and a story or 2 on those events as I get time this week.

Done with baseball's regular Spring Season, I have 3 District Games with 2 of my main partners, Garry and Jim, this Wednesday and Friday at Elida, near least we know  how each other work games, and we all like to drink good beer, which we will following each days contests....more on that later in the week as well.

This post is for ANYBODY, especially the left leaning piss and moaners over in one of my Dual Sport Motorcycle sites....down to 3 or 4 these days because I finally baited the asshole left wing Moderators over on ADVrider into finally giving me the boot....what a group of gutless assholes...most don't ride and have never ridden, at least those in charge of the Basement and the Banning of Honest Debaters....Good Riddance!

This is for the knuckleheads over in the other site that is dedicated to those riding the is a great forum, run by great people....but like everyplace else on the "net" you have some that just can't take opinions or debate, that doesn't agree with there perverted or wrong head political views. 

So here goes guys!

Hoot Gibson as he Views Politics and Debate:

It's pretty simple really....anybody with more brains than your average Soccer Mom knows my views or should after reading the early days of this blog, back in the 2007 through 2012 years.

Far Right, but leaning Libertarian at times....Hate Obama, his wife, the Klintons, Hairy Weed, Nanny State Pelosi, and those in DC and the various state houses that think like them.  Have little or no use for John Boehner or Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and their Ilk....these RINOs are no better than their Democrat buddies...probably worse, at least you know the Gawd Damn Democrats are Marxists and want to destroy this Republic.

Illegals=short and sweet...Get the fuck out!  No Obama Care, no Welfare, No Jobs....just go back to your shithole, wherever it is, and get in line.

Queer Marriage=I don't give shit what your do....get a piece of paper, call yourselves Butch and Lance, Sheila and Rosie, and say you are hitched....but don't tell me I have to accept your perversion, I don't give rat's your life, I'll live what you please, it's none of my business....God can sort you out when that time comes, he sure will the rest of us sinners.

Islamics=Keep killing yourselves off...but do it in that shithole called the Middle East....don't bring your non-bathing selves over here...I know the idiots in Cana~duh welcome you with open arms...go there, stink up their frozen wasteland.  We don't want your fucking Oil, and your Child Molesting selves.

Taxes=Hint!  You fucking left wingers want more taxes, then give more to the Nanny State, the rest of us pay enough....

Single Mom's= Let's say 2 is enough...then your ass gets fixed, free of charge by the Federal Government....we will pay for that, but 2 on Welfare is it....NO MORE FOOD STAMPS for YOU!  Same goes for those bastards you're are sleeping with....unmarried non child supporter Daddy get fixed, or castrated...either way works.

First Amendment=Say what you think and believe and I promise I will challenge you on your lies, but please feel free to say any stupid thing you want...and for you fucking colleges, especially those that receive tax better Gawd Damn let the Conservatives have a voice, since you let the Marxists and stinking, Goat Fornicating, Islamics run your universities.

Second Amendment=No Restrictions on Guns, unless you are a anti American Islamic or Marxist piece of trash....Conceal and Carry Laws are a joke!  Just another way for the Obama Jack Boots to know who is carrying and licensed....handguns should be treated like Shotguns, same goes for Semi-Automatic Rifles....Leave us the Hell alone, and chase the bad guys.

Bureaucrats=was one for 20 years....we could cut 75% of them and not miss a beat...sure the unemployment would go up, but what the Hell?  Free Markets could take over.

Wall Street=Drop Dead!

Military=Bring back the open fags{Hell we had them and knew who they were, but they nor we gave a shit} go back to the old days....No Women in Combat{or my old Security Police Barracks}...behind the lines only

 and Abortion?  You might not want to go there....that is the most evil, foul, use of God's Children there is...any fucking Doctor or Government Toadie that sanctions this should have a  bullet put between their eyes....the lowest of the low, and there is no argument with me on the subject.

Did I miss anything?  If so, drop me a line and headline it  :"Hoot's Don't Give a Fuck List"

Back later with the highlights of the past couple weeks:


Anonymous said...

I never went to a Blog before so not sure if I need to sign up and give my first borns SSN or what.

You missed one in your don't give a fuck line up.

If you have an opinion and care to share it then just be man or woman enough to stand and argue it without bitching, crying or running to the censor cops looking to shut things down. Who the fuck do you think you are to spit shit and then cry when it splashes back on you?

Pat Houseworth said...

You got it buddy, I know who you are, and respect the Hell out of you and your opinions...Gotta Get up that way and take a ride before we are dust!

Anonymous said...

Dubzha Says...
Too many idiots who know better, yet not enough teeth in our current laws keeps trouble on the streets. My old man told me don't break the rules and there will be hell to pay -- and then, whatever was left of me, he'd turn over to the police. Tired of the political correct crap we're given. Tired of the greedy and teet suckers that bleed our econmy dry -- as long as they get theirs, the can't see anything wrong. Can't wait to meet you, Hoot.

Troll said...

hoot, what area of Government were you employed in?

Pat Houseworth said...

Environmental Health at the County and State Level....and at least 75% of the programs were pure Bullshit....just saying, it was over taxed and over regulated BS. Some programs, Food Service, Sewage and Trash Disposal were necessary, others, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I call it the FSA or Free Shit Army! These scumbags will always and forever vote democratic just to keep the free shit rolling in. Too bad we are the Saps who have to pay the bills the FSA rack up.

Even the Black and Latino leaders and spokesman who have a lick of sense know that all this entitlement crap is destroying the racial future in this country.