Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Oldest son Sam was born in the early part of the frigid winter of 1981-82...within a few weeks he had come down with Bronchitis and was in the hospital...and again during the early days of April 1982, same thing, and back at Coldwater Hospital.  Sam has battled Bronchitis most of his life, although in the last few years those battles have been fewer and no requiring a hospital not being able to breath.  My 88 year old mother is on Oxygen, after a spell last not being able to breath.

I had really never had a problem with breathing...OK, once back a few years ago I had a quick shot of something that the ER doc prescribed a inhaler for...that lasted a few days.  But despite the colds and flu of the past I had never really experienced breathing problems...yes I was on Oxygen last March after my Carotid Artery surgery...but that was a short trip as well...well he I am nearing 64 and I finally got to experience first hand that "It sucks not being able to breath".

I began to experience the first signs of a cold last Friday....mild it seemed at first, so I went ahead and worked both my Friday and Saturday the time Sunday night arrived, I realize that the cold was no longer so Monday night my breathing was labored, at least when laying down in not being able to breath!  Yesterday I felt better, so like a damn fool I headed to Paulding to work a Junior High double header...I knew by the time the first game was into the first quarter I had made a mistake....comments from a few leather lunged fans about me not moving to get into position were well within reason...they still pissed me off, but they were right...I just couldn't get up and down the floor like I usually do....I took hold of the situation and finished off the night without incident, by forcing myself to move...but by the time the games were finished(about 2 hours after the start), I was sweating up a pretty good lather....and with the snow blowing and the winds whipping at 40 miles per hour, I walked to the Nitro and headed home...coughing all the way!

Little sleep was to be had by the time I tried hitting the sack just before Midnight...I actually thought about heading over to the ER, because my breathing, while doable, was loud and in itself was keeping me awake...sleeping in the boys room to allow Patricia some well needed rest from her own "cold", I finally dozed off about 3:30 this morning...but was awake at 7:30 and knew that a trip to the Doc in Minster was going to be on the agenda...."Bronchitis" was the word...and a particular somewhat potentially harsh medication was also on the agenda...

So here I am....on meds for the next 15 days, if I don't have a reaction to those....I will look for a sub for my final game on Friday, and take a break from weight lifting and training...which always sucks at my age, because it's a pain in the ass, among other areas when you start over again in two weeks or so.

So there you have it....hopefully I will be cured by the time March 8th rolls around for the Vietnam Sky Cops Mini Reunion in the meantime I should save some bucks...won't be treating myself to any beer until at least then....thus saving enough money to pay for the Hotel and meals, or at least close to it.

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Jerry in Texas said...

I used to get bronchitis at least once each winter, usually in March. It's the pits. You may want to try a cold water vaporizer and get some moisture in your nighttime breathing air. Good luck and get better!

PRH....... said...

Thanks one in the bedroom, I think this was just a major virus going around and the basketball officiating should have been shut down before I let it get this far....

Plus the up and down weather of the last month has not helped.