Monday, February 25, 2013

Reviewing the Weekend Past

With the Bronchitis still hanging on, and taking the Meds for same, I gave up my last scheduled basketball game on Friday Night my season officially ended at Pauling last Tuesday and for the next 3 weeks I can rest my still aching left foot, study a bit on the coming rules changes and just resting and getting ready for baseball first scrimmage is slated for March 19th, probably a 50-50 chance of getting a game in that early in the spring.  Otherwise the only thing besides baseball and rules meetings on the horizon is the Vietnam Sky Cops Reunion at Wright-Patterson the weekend of March 8th through 10th....

Foregoing the game on Friday, Saturday I basically vegetated on the recliner, and watched the James Bond movies on Reelz TV, along with an occasion peek at college basketball and NHL Hockey...until it was time to make the 95 mile trip south to Centerville, and sit with our one and only grandchild....Kasyn, aka "The K~Man".

We arrived at 6pm, so Hal and Lisa could head out for the few weeks late 2nd annivasary dinner date...they forwent the movie after but did take some time for themselves, they were back by 10:15, and with Kasyn in bed at 8:30 Grandma and Grandpa were ready to make the drive back to Celina...we arrived home just after Midnight, considering we had done our job to all's satisfaction.

Sunday it was the Dartball Tournament at Mendon, like much of the season, I was below average and went jut 3 for 8 with a triple and a RBI...we were eliminated 2 games to none by Schumm, giving them 5 straight wins over us in a two week period, the scores were 5-3, and 5-4, as they came back from a 4-0 deficit in the last game, and won by scoring 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth.  The All Star game on March 11th and the Banquet on March 18th are what is left for me....I have promised myself that little basketball on Mondays next season, so I can regain the form that I lost this year, my worst in 20 years of play...I can blame basketball officiating, old age, or the sore foot...but frankly I believe it was just lack of concentration that set me back....and ego aside, for someone who has tossed darts as well as I have over two decades, excuses are not acceptable.

Done with Dartball I arrived home just before my old friend Andy, his wife Amy, and sons A.J. and Danny arrived from Detroit.  I hired Andy over 30 years ago at WCSM Radio and we have been friends since...he is now a successful spokesman{having been on Fox Business News TV a few weeks back} and representative for AMAC, the conservative alternative to the Obama Lap Dogs at AARP:

Along with Anissa, we drove out to Bob Evans and ate dinner...and then they headed back to Louisville.   Andy and Amy are from the Cleveland area, but have lived in Kentucky for a few years now...they had spent the weekend in Detroit at the funeral of Amy's uncle....we had a good, but not long enough visit, discussing politics, religion, the nation's problems, and bringing up kids...remarkable I know, but we could, because we agree on almost everything about all of those listed.  Smart folks they are.....and excellent parents.

Once home, I watched the end of the Ohio State/Michigan State roundball game, a big Buckeye win at 68-60, as March Madness is not far off....and hopefully spring is not far away either.  The week is pretty bare of "must do" items...I took the cat out to the vets for a trim this morning, and on Wednesday our baseball group meets at Fricker's in Van Wert for our "banquet"....other than that, I plan on getting back in to working out, and continuing my recovery....still a ways to go on that front.

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Photos-Saturday Night with the K~Man and Dartball Sunday....

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