Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bailey Tosses another "No-No" and No end in sight for the Wet Weather

After a cloudy morning yesterday, the sun and humidity came out....only 66 for a high on July 1st, it bloomed to about 80 with humidity to match yesterday by the time I left for Lima for our scheduled umpire gig at Lima Senior where the Lima Legion was poised to take on the team from Prospect, Ohio...Prospect is near Marion and Waldo, and there are quite a few Houseworth's buried there...another of my ancestors hometowns.  As I arrived on the west side of Lima, some lite showers began....and it was sprinkling at the ball diamond when I got there....but the rain held off, and we would have gotten the game in...problem was, a scheduling snafu and Prospect didn't show.  I got paid regardless and headed home. 

By this time I had talked to Patricia and all Hell had broken loose in a large path from the Indiana State Line, east to Lima and Celina and other towns in the path got another soaking, unwelcome that it was....Not sure how many ACME Tournament games were washed out...but I suspect most.  Mine for tonight has been moved from Van Wert to Delphos Jefferson....if it doesn't rain!  I know the Van Wert ACME and Crestview Junior ACME, along with Coldwater and Lima ACME Tournaments are backed up Big Time....not sure how that is going to play out....I have Saturday Open for Rain Make
Ups and that is about it...tomorrow we head to Centerville for the Parade and Cook Out/hopefully the rain, which is predicted, holds off.

The rain had ended as I headed home...when I arrived, I noticed my wild Sunflowers which had been sprouting next to the inside fence and hose bracket were on the ground or leaning that way....the rain was so heavy they took a beating as did some of the others on the south side of the outside fence...Patricia got some tie string and we propped them back up....hopefully it holds and they come out of it...the rain, which is on the agenda for another 8 days or so, can stop anytime...for a month!!! At least....

After getting that done, I opened a Guinness Extra Stout, put some ice cubes into the glass and poured, sat down to watch the Reds take on defending Champions The San Fran Giants, who knocked them out of the playoffs last year....Homer Bailey was on the mound for Cincy.  The Reds took a quick 1-0 lead and Bailey was mowing down the Giants....15 in a row and I'm thinking, "Naw, he can't pitch a perfect game, can he"?  Then in the 7th he walked a batter with no outs and the
"perfect game" was gone...that came on a 3-2 pitch and it indeed was inside/the perfect game gone, but Bailey, who pitched the last no hitter in the MLB last September still had his "No-No" going into the 9th....a ground ball back to the mound, a strike out, and a grounder to Frazier at 3rd base and Homer had his second career no hitter...a gem at that, only one batter reaching base:

With the Cards and Pirates{finally} losing, Cincinnati moves back to within 2 and 4 game respectively of each team and still firmly in control of one of the Wild Card spots at this point...still plenty of time to catch both, if they play better on the road and vs good teams.

Busy next few days....probably nothing to post or "blog" about...maybe Friday with some photos...otherwise..

Back Later>>>>

Photos-Homer Bailey celebrates his 2nd no hitter in the past 9 months a 3-0 win over San Francisco/The Sunflowers next to the house and inside fence need some help to stay up after the Heavy Rains...again/and the Zinnas are hanging in there despite the heavy showers...

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