Monday, July 1, 2013

Let it Rain/2013 Half Way Gone

July 1st....the year 2013 is already half gone, and the old adage "Time Flies" comes into play...especially as you get older....I remember as a kid, and even when I was suffering through four years in the Air Force, how time sometimes, four and even five years goes by in the blink of an eye.

June, up until late last week, was dry and not overly hot....a few showers here and there, but no rain outs of the Summer Baseball season...that all began to change a few days ago.   Despite the rains, I got my games Wednesday, Thursday, and even Friday Nights 9 inning American Legion game in at Lima....but the weekend was a baseball and Mother Nature disaster.

Some areas have had 10 inches or rain in the past 4 days....and we are getting hammered again this morning, as this stupid front continues to bring heavy storms from southeast to northwest...hardly a Summer-like pattern,  Celina has been mostly lucky, I'm guessing maybe 3 or 4 inches thus far....and hopefully it will end by tomorrow, with dry weather through the coming week looks wet again, but since when can you believe the hacks at NBC owned Weather Channel{which still promotes the fake science of "Global Warming"}?

Saturday dawned cool, but somewhat humid and sunny as I headed to Lima for a ACME Tournament double header...I worked the LCC lost to Lima Shawnee by  a 5-3 count, and no sooner did we finish that game, and the storm clouds moved into southwest Lima and washed out game #2...yesterday we had no chance of getting the Junior ACME Tournament in at Convoy....both games washed out. 
Today?  I'm doubting if there is a snow balls chance in south Florida of playing.  No sun, leaving no time to dry the fields out...even if they don't get rain in Convoy.  Tomorrow night I am back at Lima for another American Legion game, and by that time the weather is looking better....only a 40% chance of rain{sic}....

Found out last night that the State ACME Tournament will be at Coldwater beginning on the 20th of July...I will likely get a couple of those games as well as the Regional{Semi State} Junior ACME games at Wapak the week prior....then a full month off to rest my aging bones and joints, before football begins....I have pretty well decided that this season and next will be my last two years doing football.  That would be a 10 year run and quite enough.  I love fall weather, and but that time I will be 65 and a half years old.  Basketball is next on the list to start backing off, but for now I have not plans on dropping off the baseball gigs...I figure, if I stay healthy and can still move, I will do baseball until 2020 when I reach 71.  Now I realize that is a BIG IF...but that is the plan for now.

For now, despite the beatings I have taken behind the plate this Summer, I will begin to lift weights
again today....once again, after 4 weeks off, I will have to drop the weight plates down a notch...and start out slowly.   The Cardio workouts is another thing on the health agenda.....

For now I will watch the rain fall, and wait for the call cancelling tonight's game....

back later>>>>

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