Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dartball...end of the season

Have not spent much time around the house or the computer this weekend....Patricia has been doing her student reports, wrap-ups, I've stayed away for the most part....always good to get away from the computer, of course that is easier to do in nice weather, February has been a bear of sorts.

We all got up early, Patricia and Anissa headed to church, Sam and I took off for Nappanee, he needed to pick up a BT Cruiser Class C RV for Lakewood, New Jersey, and we needed to get back for the first round of the season ending Dartball League Tournament, before 3 PM. We left at 8AM and made the 250 mile round trip, plus RV pick-up in less than 5 hours.
Dartball luck(bad) as we went up against or main South Division rivals....Mount Carmel....they have manhandled us this year....we were 0-6 against them as they won both halves of the season, while we finished 2nd.... after today we are now 0-8 against them....and will finish thus.

Not a good year, team or personal wise, hovering around the .500 mark, but that's what happens when you lose one of the main players to 2nd shift, another(me) starts the season with major back problems, and you get 3 new players that have never played Dartball we move on from here, and see what happens with a revised team and some more experience from the new players next year.

After 12 straight .400 plus batting average season, I had my second lowest all time(I batted .286 my first year)...hitting .320 with 20 RBIs....still good enough to make the All-Star team for year 13 in a row....but a down season for me, none-the-less. I am joined on the team by Martin, one of the original players from when the league was formed in 1938....Martin turns 90 years young this year, and still managed to hit .329 with 18 RBIs for the season......not bad for anybody, but for someone born in 1918....amazing to say the least. So one more shot this season, as the 12 members of the South All-Stars take on the North on March 10th.

Other than that not much to report.....lots of e-mails from folks I've never met.....Sam left after Dartball for Jersey...hoping to get there by tomorrow afternoon, and getting a cheap flight to Dayton. The back was a little sore yesterday, snow blower use may have been the culprit...but after a sore start this morning, it is fine at this work in Greenville tomorrow, down to 1 day a week(Tuesdays) for now. That is OK, since baseball season preparation and getting into shape will be on going for the next month....Hal now has just 3 weeks left of school at Wright State....he will graduate with a BA in High School History Education next month....but after doing some substitute teaching in and around Dayton this spring, he will begin work on his Masters in July....He will march in Graduation in early June, which happens to be the same day as one of the nieces gets married in Celina....Molly will marry a local kid(man, they are both in their early 30s)....Aaron a former starting Center for the Ohio University football team, and former All-State lineman at Celina. He is now the Defensive Line Coach at Hillsdale College in Michigan....those 2 events come right after I head to Messick, Michigan for the annual pre Memorial Day Mushroom hunt, with Pearson and his sons.

Enough ramblings.......back tomorrow.


david mcmahon said...

Is dartball very different from darts, Pat?

pat houseworth said...

The league we play in David we throw underhand from 20 feet...there are overhand leagues as well...instead of a numbers board, it played on a American Baseball Field board....still hitting a certain spot is needed....more teamwork is required however, 1 or 2 individuals are not going to win you many need a good half dozen good "throwers" to be competitive.....It's been around Baseball Darts have been around since the 1920s, our league began with a group of Lutheran Churches in 1938.

Frustration at times, but always fun and entertaining.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Congratulations to the boy. tell him to make sure and get enough credits in government to be able to teach that too, or some other secondary subject. Here that requires 18 hours of grad level credit (6 classes). That way he'll have a little extra earning power. He can do what I do on the side.

pat houseworth said...

FHB: He has plenty...he's been screwing around for 6 years...change his major twice(Math HS, and Social Studies HS)....the first couple of years he was in party mode, but when he began paying ALL the bills(except car insurance), he got down to business and has made the Dean's list the past 6 quarters.....just takes a little item like that to get one in line.

Seriously though, in Ohio you have to have your Masters before you can teach another year at Dayton and then on to the real world.