Sunday, February 10, 2008


And we are not talking the old "Association" song of the 60s.....driving down to the Dayton Airport last night at Vandalia, Ohio...the wind picked up and then overnight the temperatures dropped like a stone, winds today are gusting over 50 MPH with single digit temps......Sam flew in from Ontario, California....first to Houston, then on to Dayton....Sam said he had an all female crew, pilot, co-pilot, and the cart crew....says they did allright until they got 15 minutes from the airport, then it got rough......I reminded him, small 60 passenger plane, and 50 mph winds....doesn't matter if it was guys flying that were 250 pounds...that landing was going to be rough....anyway, with the wind and falling temps, our wind chill sets at about 20 below zero this afternoon.

The Pro-Bowl is on in the buddy Jim Olson from North Dakota makes the trek ever year with his dad(who is now 92) and spends the month in Hawaii, and also takes in the Pro Bowl each year....keeps me in supply of NFL Hawaii T-Shirts...with the wind and cold today, I wouldn't mind being there.

Instead, Patrica and I went to the theater and took in "Fool's Gold"...last week we saw "The Bucket List"....neither movie is a 4 star, but both worth watching....if you go to see "Gold", it drags for about 45 minutes after the first 20 or so...but ends with good action for the last hour and is worth the matinee fee we paid of $5 bucks a shot.

3 mornings in Greenville this week, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and will take Sam to Elkhart Tuesday to see if we can finally get his car dug out and started. Dartball tomorrow night at Mount Carmel, we have the 2 best records in the second half...they stand at 11-4, we are at 10-5....if we can take 2 or 3, we should win the 2nd half South Division title....but the way they thumped us last time, that is a big "If".
{photos} and Jim Olson at Disney World in 1975...Olson treks to Hawaii every February for the Pro Bowl and a month away from North Dakota winters....and a photo form the movie Patrica and I took in this afternoon, "Fool's Gold"


~Fathairybastard~ said...

I'd like to see both of those. They look funny. Once I get over this crud, maybe we'll check them out.

Anonymous said...

We had plenty of wind here, too. Power lines down with trees on them.

I liked Bucket List, although the basic concept was not one calculated to inspire me at my age.

Donald Douglas said...

Well, Kate Hudson grows on you, no? I need to see some more of her movie. Sure is purty!!

Thanks for sharing your stories, Pat!!

And thanks for dropping by my blog, by and by. Your comments liven up the place!!

Have a great week.