Friday, February 1, 2008

The Storm Goes Bust!

Welcome to thing about Ohio February weather there are usually a few "ice" days...overnight on this first day of the month, we got some. Winter Storm Warning were out in full force, calling for 14 inches to the northwest(Elkhart and north of Fort Wayne) in Indiana....6 to 10 in our area, and calling for lesser amounts towards fizzed out in the Celina area.

While Elkhart got blasted, we got maybe a half inch of ice to go with a half inch of snow....warming temperatures melted most of the road stuff...especially east and south of here.

Sam, after dropping off his RV delivery in Lakewood, NJ, yesterday afternoon....grabbed a bus to Philadelphia, and planned on taking a Greyhound across the state, ending up in Dayton.....with the forecast for a foot or so in Elkhart...better to take a chance to Dayton.....well that didn't work either, the buses going west from Philly were cancelled until at least noon today, so it appeared he would be stuck in a stinking Greyhound Bus Depot(if anybody has rode the bus of late, you know what I'm talking about, they are, for the most part, the pits).....I took a quick look at Cheap Travel on line, and low and behold, the Airline fares had dropped by over 50% from Philly to Dayton....$113 for a 6AM flight to Cleveland and transfer to Dayton arriving at 9:40AM...cheaper by a couple of bucks and if the ice held off, much quicker....he grabbed a cab to the Airport, hung around there overnight and took the flight this morning....with the roads out of Celina nothing but wet with some slush...I picked him up about 10:30 and we arrive home by noon.

The forecast still says "Winter Storm Warning"....but by the looks of things, we dodged the bullet....things to warm up over the weekend....we will put a shovel in the Jeep and eventually get the 150 miles to Elkhart to dig his car out.....ain't retirement great?

{photo}-The back yard....with a mix of ice and least it was on a south wind and should melt in short order.



Cookie..... said...

Yupper...mine's not working either amigo...

I thought it was just my usual...

pat houseworth said...

Thanks Cookie...I kind of figured it was another "Blooger Bug"....they are full of em'

Mushy said...

We always get least it seems that way anymore.

Yeah, without spell check I'm very stupid! However, I use Firefox and it has spell check built into it. It automatically checks anything you type in comments or in the Blogger creation process...and on any website where you enter data or text.

Buck said...

However, I use Firefox and it has spell check built into it.

Me, too. The only problem is there, their, and they're are all valid words, just to cite one example. Firefox won't catch it if you screw up and say something like "There opinions suck."

It's a good thing about the storm being less than advertised, eh? That's usually the case with the WX folks, tho. All Doom and Gloom and Storm of the Century! stuff, only to get three inches or so. I love weathermen!

Nancy said...


I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who couldn't get that feature to work!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

When I get into Bloglines from work, like now, and comment without the Firefox spellchecker, I can look pretty stupid too. Funny how we get used to things like that and then when they go away we get screwed.

If I'm seriously worried about looking stupid, I cut and paste my comment to the email system here on the work computer and it corrects the comment. then I cut anfd paste it back here (not bothering to do that today).

Hell, usually I don't worry about it. We're family now right? If ya can't look a fool in front of family, where can ya?