Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On the Road...Again

Long day today....worked a couple of hours in Greenville this morning, then back home, did the spread sheet send off, and then Sam and I were off to Elkhart, Indiana. His car has been located either at Elkhart or Nappanee since January 8th....depending on which location he was driving/delivering RVs out of....everytime he was ready to pick up his Stratus, the weather or air fares would not cooperate, so he flew into Dayton. But after bitching around about not having his vehicle, I finally had the time, and the weather to take him to northern Indiana this morning. Not knowing what to expect as far as snow on the ground, and if his car was buried....we loaded the jumper cables and shovels into the trunk and off we went, it's a 157 mile trip, one way? The trip up US 127 to US 30, I-469/69 and then finally the Indiana Tollway was made in 2 1/2 hours....when we got there Sam had to do a little digging out from the plow work, but his car fired right up and back we came.....all in all, a 12 hour day(no big deal) and a total of 390 miles between the Greenville route and Elkhart and back survived, but after only about 5 hours sleep, and another early rise for my 4th Greenville day this week, I am beat.....I know, it's sad, here I am basically retired from any real work, and here I am bitching about being tired.

Anyway, did get to watch my favorite college basketball team, the Duke Blue Devils, go to 22-1 on the year, with a 12 point win vs Maryland tonight. Last night we had the State(Ohio) Umpire rules meeting down in Piqua, Sam, Gary Mosier, and I made that trip through the icy roads, including I-75, and got our mandatory state meeting week we start our local meetings, 4 are required to keep your license current.....usually we have about an hour and a half of rules talk, and retire to the local Pizza Hut to discuss baseball and have pizza and a couple of beers.

So that's been the life the past few days...

I have been working on a story concerning a regional "Outlaw" and hopefully will post part of that tomorrow....this story goes back to the early 1900s and is interesting for the most part, because it took place near my family birthplace, and dad purchased this guy's guns and other memorabilia a couple of years before dad passed on.....more on that tomorrow.

On the trip up and back today, Sam and I listened to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh....don't listen to that much talk radio these days, but I do like Beck, and still enjoy Rush on occasion....the main talk was about Barack Obama and the love affair the morons of this country seem to have with this Marxist bastard....this guy has no experinece, and is pure evil as far as I'm concerned....but you put him and Hillary in a hat, who would you want to pull out? Both or either one will run this country into bankruptcy, or a take over by Radical Islam or Red China....not sure McCain is much better...and frankly approacing 59, I'm not sure I really am that worried....America is on the edge, and we've made our own bed, so what happens, happens. All I can say is, fill your basement with a good supply of what you might need and lock and load.


More tomorrow......................{photos} Duke vs North Carolina last year's ACC Tournament....The Blue Devils knocked Tyler Hansborough on his ass, and broke his nose, but UNC won the game....The #2 ranked Dookies lead the league this year and are 1-0 against the hated Tar Heels.
Last season youngest Hal, a senior at Wright State University in Dayton, got us tickets to the NCAA Tournament opening round in Buffalo, NY....lucky for us, both WSU and Duke were playing in the same bracket on the same night....{and not playing each other} off to upstate New York we I am 58 years old, sitting with all the college kids from Wright State...we had a great time, and made the trip up and back in about 20 hours, with no sleep between the 2 of us.....the only downer was The Raiders lost to Pittsburgh right after the Blue Devils were upset by VMI.....but the atmosphere was outstanding.


Buck said...

Been tinkerin' with the layout again, I see! Looks good, Pat.

pat houseworth said...

Comes from being (semi) retired Buck....too much time on my hands....thanks for the notice.

Larry said...

Yes, the layout looks better, Pat. RE the Obamassiah: I just mentioned to LW [that's Little Woman] yesterday that his apparent popularity is a sad commentary on the general knowledge of much of the American electorate. The emperor indeed has no clothes. But perhaps we shouldn't be surprised; many of the same voters follow the every move of celebrities [as if the latter deserve the attention].

Anonymous said...

That actually sounds like a pretty fun trip. I haven't been "out of the area" in a long time. Maybe I should head out this weekend and go somewhere I've never been. After all , it's "time for change."

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Like all the pictures. Nice slice of life feel to the place. And it does sound like you're workin' awful hard for a retired geezer. Chill, and don't get too freaked about the politics. We'll survive. We always do. Can't hurt to lock and load though, just for the principle of the thing.