Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baseball Tournament Wrap-Up and off to Mesick, Michigan

11PM as I type this out.....I probably won't have time in the morning to hammer out another, so might as well do this now.

The rain has become a pain in the ass of late....Sam and I made the 100 mile trip north and finished off the Division 4 Sectional Championships at Bascom Hopewell-Louden this afternoon....another quick game at 1 1/2 hours, which saw the home team move on to the district with a 8-0 win over Fostoria Saint Wendelin.....4 tournament games and none lasted over 1 hour and 40 that's getting your monies worth.

The rain came back as we headed down I-75 and even rained out the Reds game at Great America Ballpark...only the second rain out in 6 years in the new stadium.....tomorrow I plan on mowing, picking up a case or so of beer and brats for the weekend...then hopefully get the lawn mowed....that depends on the rain and condition of the grass. If that all goes well, I will pick up Clint at noon and we will make the 340 mile trek in the Jeep to Mesick, located outside of Cadillac, Michigan. Rick and his 2 sons and another of their college friends will have the camp set up by then(hopefully), and we will spend the next 36 hours or so, smoking good cigars, drinking beer, finding Morel Mushrooms, and trying to stay warm and dry.

I should return, God willing, on Sunday afternoon late....then June is around the corner...a niece's wedding to attend, Hal's graduation to attend, and the ACME summer baseball season and American Legion baseball to umpire...hopefully by that time, the weather, which indeed has sucked most of the spring, will be summer like.....keeping my fingers crossed.

Reagan and the cat were trimmed and washed today....and I checked out the back yard...the baby rabbits that Reagan dug up the other day appear to be doing fine, and the mother Robin has hatched her brood...5 of them, best I could the nest right on top of the eve and over the power line heading into the matter the weather the spring brings, the wild life, despite the usual losses, seems to survive for another year.....

Back Sunday Night!

photo-the nest and the Robin brood.....


Lin said...

That photo of you is a genuine treasure!

Some day I need to pick your brains on the mushrooms out here. Other than one button mushroom that was 7" in diameter and a few small ones, everything else out here scares the hell out of me.

Have a GREAT trip, hope your rains are bringing the morels up everywhere!

Old Soldier said...

You need to move to Texas. It only rains here on command from the Texas Rangers. We got mushrooms to, but the mexicans harvest and sell them to the visitors from up north.. Ha.

Safe journey. Watch out for smokey.

Donald Douglas said...

Be safe on those trips!

You're a good man, Pat!